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Andre Roberson
Andre Roberson
Position: G-F
Born: 12/04/91
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:206 lbs. / 93.4 kg.
Salary: $10,740,740
“I’ve seen a couple of guys tear ACLs in front of me, but not something that extensive to where you could hear the injury happening,” Pistons guard Langston Galloway told The Athletic. Galloway was on the Pistons’ bench when Roberson suffered the injury. “That’s the first time I’d seen or heard something like that. “He tries to plant and all I remember was … I heard like a pop and I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was somebody behind me. I didn’t know what happened.”
Even before the optimism of the Thunder’s first scrimmage, players who had never taken the floor alongside Roberson were adamant the veteran was impacting practices. It was as if the Thunder were keeping him a secret – few photos or video of Roberson leaking out of the Orlando bubble – but a secret can be kept only for so long. “First thing I noticed about Dre is he’s the smartest defensive player I’ve been around,” Thunder guard Shai Gilgeouos-Alexander said. “He’s always in the right spot. He knows where the next pass is going to be. It’s like he’s always doing the right thing defensively.”
Midway through the third quarter, a quiet gym suddenly got loud. When Andre Roberson checked into Oklahoma City’s scrimmage against Boston on Friday, it marked the first Roberson’s first appearance since January 27th … 2018. When Roberson stepped onto the floor, the Thunder bench rose and saluted Roberson with a standing ovation. “It was a lot of emotions,” Roberson said after the game. “Anxious, happy, just overly ecstatic to get back on the floor.”
The Thunder open their restart scrimmaging the Celtics on Friday, and Roberson will likely be available. “Basically a big roller coaster of emotions,” Roberson said of his rehab process to get to this point. “Just being so close, and then something else would happen. Setback after setback. I don’t know man, it was just tough. … “[There were] definitely a lot of times I was ready to give up.”
In December 2019, he stepped away from the team, taking his rehab to Los Angeles. He explained he didn’t want to be a burden on the medical staff or a distraction to the team. He needed a new environment, and his girlfriend, Rachel DeMita, was mostly in L.A. “There were times after I would get home from practice and I’d just be alone with my thoughts,” Roberson said, “so I just needed somebody to be with me.”
“His quest is a testament as to why he’s a great defender,” Presti said. “When someone scores on him, it doesn’t deter him from the next possession. He doesn’t get disrupted when things don’t go his way. “You can play great defense on one of these great players in the NBA and they’re going to score on you. It’s the same thing with this. When you suffer an injury there are going to be setbacks, and in his case there were more than you would’ve hoped. But that hasn’t deterred him.”
It’s unclear where Roberson might fit in a potential Thunder rotation, or if he can return to the top-level defensive form he once had, but his size and length make him an available option at a number of different positions. “He’s doing great. I thought he had a great time off, and he was able to work a lot on rehabbing his knee,” Danilo Gallinari said. “He looks great, and I’m very happy to see him back because I know what it means to be out that long with that injury, so to see him back and the joy and energy he brings to the team, it’s great to see.”

Andre Roberson recovered from injury?

Andre Roberson seems to give the impression that he could be on the court sooner rather than later. “I’m kinda past the rehab stage. I’m almost to the point where — I should be playing, honestly. But I’m still taking it a day at a time until I get back into our medical staff’s hands and get reevaluated. Just staying patient through it all and knowing that the light is right there at the end of the tunnel… It’s definitely been a long journey and it’s coming to an end.”
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A few months ago, the sight would have been benign. But at the beginning of December, Roberson (left knee injury recovery) moved his injury rehabilitation to Los Angeles. Thunder coach Billy Donovan said Roberson made trips back to Oklahoma City and was in regular contact with the Thunder medical staff during his time in California. But Roberson hadn’t been in the Thunder locker room during pregame availability since he first left for L.A.. On Sunday, Roberson returned to OKC for the foreseeable future.
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The Thunder was hopeful that Roberson would return to the court during preseason this year, but after graduating to five-on-five drills, Roberson hit a wall in his rehab. Eventually, he tried a change in scenery. Before returning to OKC, Roberson worked out with Olin Simplis, the same personal trainer Shai Gilgeous-Alexander goes to in the offseason. “O has helped a lot with me in terms of knee pains in the summer and stuff like that,” Gilgeous-Alexander said. “And I know Dre is dealing with some knee pains, so O should be good for him.”
Storyline: Andre Roberson Injury