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Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut
Position: -
Born: 11/28/84
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Earnings: $118,591,363 ($524,530*)
Josh Giddey wanted advice on how to navigate the rigors of an NBA season, so he texted Aussie mate Andrew Bogut, who played 14 years in the league. “Us younger guys have never played this many games before,” Giddey said after the Spurs shellacked the Thunder on Wednesday night. “We’re getting to the point now where this is probably where our (NBL) season’s ending, but we’ve still got another half of the year to go. I just hit (Bogut) up, asked him things that he did to get through it.” A midweek misfire against the Spurs isn’t reason for concern, especially for a team constructed to lose, but the Thunder has earned a scrappy reputation this season despite being outmanned on paper night after night.

Andrew Bogut on Klay Thompson: 'He's the most non-chalant All-Star I've been around'

“He’s actually a pretty interesting guy, as the media and people are starting to see the last couple of years with his boat, his dog, hiking and going to the beach,” Bogut said in a phone interview. “He’s really quirky and the reason I like him as an NBA player is he doesn’t follow the mantra of what he should be. “He’s the most nonchalant All-Star I’ve been around in my career. Just an everyday normal guy that’s happy with the silliest of things at times. He’s not too worried about that NBA life of sports cars and all that kind of stuff.”
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“I still remember in the 2016 Olympics, we’re all staying in the village,” Bogut said. “The USA (men’s basketball team), as you know, they’re too big-time for the village. They have them on a cruise liner or whatever they stay at. But we get back from practice one day, like middle of the tournament, got off the bus and in the village we’re walking to our residences. And I see Klay. As I’m on the bus I see Klay just walking around, Team USA gear, headphones on, just walking by himself. “So I jump off the bus, I’m like, ‘Klay, what are you doing, man?’ Say hello to him. He goes, ‘Yeah, I just wanted to come see the village.’ He just came by himself, no security, no other players with him. Then he’s like, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘I’m just going back to the Australian quarters.’ And he’s, ‘Can I come with you?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, no worries.’
“And he came with us, hung out with a few of our players, because he knows Aron Baynes and Brock Motum. Came and said hello to them. And then fast-forward two or three hours later, I thought he’d left. I walked downstairs to go to dinner or whatever and he’s downstairs playing ping-pong with, like, someone from the athletics team on the Australian national team, you know?”
“He tells me he’s gotten better (at poker),” Bogut said in the recent phone call. “But when we played, he was learning the game early on. He got better, but he’d still have phases when you knew he had the nut flush or the nut full house just by the way his body language and face was. He had some really pure tells. Which he even knew, but he just couldn’t hold it in. But he tells me over the last year or two he’s gotten much better. I have to play with him the next time I’m in town, for sure.”
Following a slam dunk win against Bayside Council after it blocked his $4.7 million redevelopment of his beachfront home, retired basketball star Andrew Bogut and wife Jessica are going to sell the two-block property. The existing house, which was to make way for the proposed palace on Beach Road at Beaumaris, has been empty for years, but has recently been “styled” and is now full of trendy furniture ahead of an imminent major sales campaign.