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What went wrong with Utah and Ante Tomic? Could write a whole article on this but to keep it simple: 1. Tomic lives in Barcelona (an awesome city), plays in the best league in Europe on one of the best teams, and makes way more than the NBA minimum (and it used to be way, way more before the Euro went down in value recently). 2. A different GM drafted Tomic so this new Jazz front office regime hasn’t necessarily been tracking his whole career and weren’t the original ones who thought he had a chance at the NBA. At this point, Tomic is the best center in Europe and easily one of the best players. He’s an offensive freak, a master of the mid-roll, who can hit any shot in the paint, dish, and just move to wherever he wants. His biggest improvement has been defensively where he used to be soft liability and now has become quite active and learned how to use his length. He’s easily an NBA rotation player and would be worth giving a few million to a year, just a question of if this Jazz team is the right fit.
UPDATE: There are rumors now that he might leave Barcelona this summer and maybe go to the NBA orCSKA Moscow, the club in Europe with the most money. It’s really all rumors though and tough to say what is really true. Tomic is easily a NBA rotation player, if not a starter, but he is a uniquely skilled player and the fit needsto be right. Think whatever the opposite of Gobert and Favors are as players. My guess is if Utah didn’t own his rights and he was a free agent he’d already be in the league. If he really wants to come over, maybe he could also be a trade chip if Utah doesn’t see the fit.