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Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett
Position: -
Born: 03/14/93
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:240 lbs. / 109 kg.
And then there are the Cavaliers in 2013. Cleveland took Anthony Bennett No. 1 – a shocker to everyone, but apparently especially the teams drafting next. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN on The Woj Pod: “That draft night, it was funny, if you go back and look at – I guess if you went back and looked at Twitter, I’m pretty confident – I’m almost sure of this – there’s a tweet from me around, I want to say, 7 o’clock that night saying, hey, Anthony Bennett has a real chance to drop tonight.”
Adrian Wojnarowski: “And I was right except for, I was going through teams like two, three. I had gone as far as, I want to say, 14 or 15, who were saying to me, ‘He’s not really on our board. We’re not taking him. If he got to us, I still like guys better than him.’ I spent the afternoon going through really every – I don’t know if I talked to all 15, but I had a very strong feeling from most of them, that if he got to them, they were passing on him. And I was still not believing that Cleveland was going to take him one. They were talking about it, and I kept believing it was a smokescreen. I kept believing they really didn’t mean it. And so I was right that he was going to drop, except for the fact he went one. That’s the thing. If he didn’t go one that year, it wasn’t like he was going to go two or three or four. He probably – and I really believe this. This is not revisionist everyone later saying, ‘Oh, s— no. I wouldn’t have taken this guy.’ It wasn’t that. It was that night leading into it that I really believe he would’ve dropped out of the lottery.”
Since Bennett arrived in Maine via trade in late December, he’s had the green light from deep. That’s reflected in his eight attempts per game, and he’s rewarded the Red Claw’s coaches by stepping up as a focal point on offense and defense, averaging 16 points and 7.6 rebounds per game. Heís shooting 41.8% from deep with Maine on 8.1 attempts. That bests his NBA (26.1%) and college (37.5%) three-point percentages with ease. “Just having someone there that believes in me and tells me to keep shooting is definitely great to have in your corner,” he said. “While I’ve been [in Maine], I definitely have that from everybody.”
Former Cavs general manager David Griffin said the Canadian “had no desire to overcome adversity whatsoever.” It’s a notion Bennett disputes. “I know myself and he doesn’t know me as well,” Bennett said last week while he was in the Toronto area for the annual NBA G League Showcase, where he was trying to impress the scouts and executives on hand. “I think it’s just something that he’s saying to stir up the media. I’m working. I’m doing what I gotta do to get back to where I gotta be.”