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Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett
Position: -
Born: 03/14/93
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:240 lbs. / 109 kg.
Earnings: $16,501,172 ($17,833,870*)
Last year was such a young draft. The top five picks were 19.9, 19.3, 19.3, 18.8 and 19.1 years old, respectively. That’s the first time in NBA history that the top five picks were teenagers. To put that in perspective, as recently as 2013 — the Anthony Bennett year — there were no teenagers in the top five; Bennett, Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter Jr., Cody Zeller and Alex Len were all in their 20s. “The average age of drafted players is the lowest of all time,” noted one assistant GM. “That probably increases variance.”
The people who have worked with him in Ontario say they’ve seen no signs of laziness. They see a player who wants to work, who wants to get better. The stories have either been exaggerated or Bennett has changed. He’s still fighting to get back. He’s not pouting about being out of the NBA. He’s not blaming anything on his asthma, or injuries, or instability that comes from being traded and waived and signed by his third team before his 23rd birthday.
In his final game at the Winter Showcase, Bennett struggled. He looked bothered by a couple of questionable calls. He left a pair of three-point shots well short, failing to even hit the rim. “That’s Anthony Bennett,” one Eastern Conference scout texted during the game. He’s undoubtedly flawed. NBA folks might wish he was a little taller or a little slimmer, hope he was a more consistent and versatile defender.
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