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Anthony Randolph
Anthony Randolph
Position: None
Born: 07/15/89
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Anthony Randolph: I have had more than a couple opportunities to go back. For me personally, I have stated to the teams that I talk to that I would want to have a significant role when I come back and I wanted to play. I am getting a little bit older. I don’t want to go back to the NBA to sit on the bench and kind of waste a year or two of my career. I enjoy playing. I enjoy competing against guys. The competition has gotten so much better over here that I’m challenged every night playing overseas. I’m 100 percent at peace if I don’t go back to the NBA. No regrets at all. I’m happy. My family is happy. We are very well taken care of. Real Madrid takes care of me. There are no regrets at all.
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Anthony Randolph: Real Madrid is one of the top three, if not the best team in Europe. We fly private everywhere for the most part. We get free tickets to the soccer games. We get to mingle with the soccer players and get to know them. We are able to interact with the owner of Real Madrid [Florentino Pérez], have a relationship with him, and he is really down to earth. We have some of the best trainers. We have one of the best facilities I have ever seen, on par with some of the NBA’s best facilities. It’s a great experience. You get the car. You get the house. You get the money and everything else. They take care of your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the training facility. You have your own room at the facility. It’s a pretty amazing setup. There is Real Madrid City, where the soccer and basketball players train, and we have our own residences inside of it with a cafeteria. It’s like a mini apartment with a living room, bedroom and bathroom. Yeah, it’s dope.
“The nights and days following that incident I had Latvian fans, Turkish fans and people from all over, people in New York, leaving comments on my page calling me the ‘N-word,’ ” the 28-year-old Randolph said. “They were saying I was trash and that if I come to New York they would kill me. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t respond to anybody or waste my energy on stuff like that.”