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Aron Baynes
Aron Baynes
Position: -
Born: 12/09/86
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:260 lbs. / 117.9 kg.
Earnings: $38,075,340 ($41,854,206*)

Aron Baynes eyeing NBA return

Baynes turned 35 during this ordeal, and his goal is to get back to the NBA next season. He’s rehabbing aggressively every day. “He has no off switch, he wants to do it eight hours a day. We try to back him off but it’s not in his nature,” Moldovan says. Part of his drive to get back to the league is because of how much he is enjoying the way NBA referees are calling the games this year. More physical play is being allowed, which favors his long-preferred style. “It looks so much more fun now. That’s how I grew up playing and I really want to get back to it,” Baynes says.
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In the confusion of the moment, no one had realized that Baynes had lost his ability to walk. Or that he was headed for a nightmare that would derail his basketball career and leave him isolated in a Japanese hospital, weeping in pain day after day, with the possibility that he might be paralyzed. “The loneliest time in my life was laying in that hospital, going in and out of consciousness, going over my life plan and my goals and just crying,” Baynes says, speaking about the ordeal for the first time. “My uncle Don had an accident 10 years ago. He’s a quadriplegic,” he says. “My family’s had first-hand experience with this going down. I was so scared.”
Baynes couldn’t communicate well with the Japanese nurses and doctors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tokyo was in a state of emergency, so Baynes couldn’t have anyone from the team with him. “He sent me a picture of the holes in his arm and said the doctor was checking him out and the next thing I know he’s in hospital bed and his texts were panicked,” says Daniel Moldovan, Baynes’ longtime agent. “No one could get us any answers. We were scrambling for information and trying to keep [his wife] Rachel updated in Australia. I wanted to take the next flight but at that point I couldn’t even get into Japan.”

Aron Baynes not playing this season

As much as NBL teams would love to have Baynes clogging up the key, Hoops Heaven reached out to the Baynes camp and was told he is still hard at work building up his body and won’t be playing for anyone this season. Baynes has all his focus on playing in the NBA next season and isn’t considering the NBL. NBA teams would love to have a rim defender and rebounder of Baynes’ quality next season; let’s hope he can regain the match fitness and strength to make this a reality.
“And he came with us, hung out with a few of our players, because he knows Aron Baynes and Brock Motum. Came and said hello to them. And then fast-forward two or three hours later, I thought he’d left. I walked downstairs to go to dinner or whatever and he’s downstairs playing ping-pong with, like, someone from the athletics team on the Australian national team, you know?”