Arvydas Sabonis Rumors

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Arvydas Sabonis
Position: -
Born: -
Height: -
Earnings: $47,838,481 ($72,725,417*)
Well, apparently, “Sabas” didn’t leave an impression just with his ingenious all-around and diverse game but also with the way he dressed. At least according to one of his most famous and decorated teammates. “Arvydas Sabonis was the best-dressed,” six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen said during a Q&A video session with the Blazers. [He] Always came with the Euro style and some kind of fresh fragrance. Arvydas… gets the fashion”.
He also plans to have Lithuanian basketball legend Arvydas Sabonis as the president of the club. Gediminas Ziedelis said, per “For sure I have [such plans] and am working towards it. An important aspect here is not even money but review. It needs to be passed, you have to be a person related with basketball. You have to be sponsor of basketball and to be interested in this area. NBA does not want for a stupid shareholder to be let it, who does not know what players to acquire and how to set the club’s direction.