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Ben McLemore
Ben McLemore
Position: G
Born: 02/11/93
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:189 lbs. / 85.7 kg.
Salary: $2,028,594
Mark Berman: Houston graphic artist Terence Tang (@tinlunstudio)designed special shoes for #Rockets guard @Ben McLemore to wear in Orlando: “I’ve wanted to do sneaker art for NBA players for a really long time..To have it convey such a strong & meaningful message,that’s just icing on the cake”

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“The Kevin McLemore foundation and I have been working to find ways to best support COVID-19 relief efforts and to direct our resources where we can make a difference. We have identified a critical shortage of N95 respirator masks,” McLemore wrote on Tuesday. “My management and I have partnered with manufacturer C3 International who has stepped up to fill the critical void of N95 respirator masks.”
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It’s the fans, however, who have something to share with him. “I was on my honeymoon,” he said. “I was in Ibiza with my wife. I was on Facebook Live and then someone on the live [stream] said, ‘Yo Ben, you going back to Sacramento?’ And then my wife said something. She must have been on social media and saw. So I ended the live.”
As McLemore digested that, his phone rang. It was his sister. She was crying. Something had happened to McLemore’s younger brother, Kevin. McLemore hung up and called one of his cousins. “He’s gone,” the voice on the other end said. Kevin McLemore had died unexpectedly. McLemore ran into the shower and turned the water on. He didn’t know what else to do. “I was just in the shower talking to myself,” he said. “We were kinda like twins. We had a connection. I was almost trying to talk to him.”
Amid the chaos, McLemore felt the organization lost its focus on teaching. “I’m big on someone being hands on with me,” he said. “After those first two years, I felt there was a lack of player development.” Kings officials declined comment; tampering rules prohibit them from discussing another team’s player. But they would not strongly contest this sentiment. The organization had lost faith in McLemore. They questioned his defense and his hands. Ownership pushed a win-now mentality.
McLemore isn’t nervous as his guarantee date approaches. “I know my contract,” he said. “But the non-guaranteed deal doesn’t faze me. I grew up with nothing. Nothing was guaranteed.” Even if the unexpected happens, McLemore will keep battling. This season has revived his passion. Almost everyone McLemore has come into contact with over those wayward first six seasons will be rooting for him. “I love him,” Joerger said.
When Gordon returns, backup guards that have been playing well — Austin Rivers and McLemore – can remain roughly in their roles as Gordon takes the load of others while working his way toward his 30 minutes. “That would be definitely possible,” D’Antoni said. “We have to bring (Tucker’s and Capela’s minutes) down. It should help everybody. It should help James. Thirty minutes are a lot of minutes. We should come down to good levels, hopefully.
But it’s well-known that the Kings had a toxic culture for years. And that, combined with the venemous world of social media, didn’t make the early years easy for him. “It was difficult, man,” McLemore told The Athletic. “Especially coming in the league young and dealing with a lot of adversity. Ups and downs, trying to better myself and figure out ways to fix it and be at the right place, right time mentally. As I got older and matured, being around veterans and more experienced guys, getting advice from them, being a part of this new organization (helped); the guys like James (Harden), Russ (Westbrook), Tyson (Chandler), EG (Eric Gordon), Tuck (P.J. Tucker) — guys like that who have been in the game for a while and have dealt with adversity and know how to deal with it.”
“I try to keep the game as simple as possible,” McLemore said. “I learned that over the years of my career. Trying not to do too much. Playing my game and having fun, running the floor, being athletic, shooting the 3, guarding things like that. I think that’s pretty much defined in my role here. My purpose is to find my role and be the best in my role. That’s what I need to perfect and be consistent each and every night. Over the few weeks of preseason and training camp, I think I kind of showed that I can be consistent, which I lacked over the years. I think mentally and physically I’m locked in.”
Statement on Passing of Ben McLemore’s Brother. Vlade Divac: “We are heartbroken to learn of Kevin McLemore’s passing. I was fortunate to know him and saw firsthand how much joy he brought to Ben and countless others. Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go out to Ben and his entire family. We respectfully request privacy on behalf of the family as they grieve during this most difficult time.”