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Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons
Position: F
Born: 07/20/96
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Salary: $8,113,929
Check out Simmons these days on Instagram. He’s muscular, spry — and throwing down dunks without a wince on his face. The All-Star guard who watched the Philadelphia 76ers from the bench during the final days in March is now healthy, confident and ready to dominate. “I’m feeling better than I was at the start of the season,” Simmons said Thursday. “I’ve been working since I had the injury, working until now to be prepared for whatever happens and wherever we go. I’m feeling great and been rehabbing this whole time, so I’ve been feeling ready and I’m very comfortable.”
And if the Sixers win it all, the title will be unlike any other in league history. They’ll spend three months living in a quasi-bubble at the Disney complex after an entire postseason is played without fans, with most if not all of that time away from friends and family. “I trust in the NBA and those older vets like ’Bron, like CP3, who are ready to go down there,” Simmons said. “This is our job. I don’t have any problems with people who want to sit out. Everybody’s personal stuff is different. I want to get out there and play. I feel like it’s my responsibility to go down there and represent Philadelphia in the highest way possible. I think this is the right way to do it.”
As a side effect of the long layoff, a number of players have recovered from injuries that slowed them down or kept them out back in March. Among teams invited to Orlando, the Milwaukee Bucks (+74 rating points), Philadelphia 76ers (+66) and Portland Trail Blazers (+55) gained the most points in our talent ratings (which estimate the current state of each team). For the Bucks, the reason is simple: MVP front-runner Giannis Antetokounmpo has recovered from a sprained knee that was affecting him around when the break happened. Likewise, Portland will get back a healthier Jusuf Nurkic; Nurkic, whom RAPTOR considered an elite player last season but who hasn’t played yet in 2019-20, was set to come back in limited fashion in March, and our depth charts have him set to play normal minutes now.2 And for Philly, Ben Simmons should be at 100 percent again after a back injury had landed him on the injured list in February.
Though he hasn’t played a basketball game in about four months, Ben Simmons has not lost his ability to throw down acrobatic dunks. Trainer Chris Johnson shared a video Thursday on Instagram of Simmons looking very springy after a workout in Los Angeles.

“My opinion, and this is not confirmed yet, is that we are going to be able to inch him back into this,” Brown said. “Is he going to be 100%, I don’t expect that. But I think he is going to be available.” Brown has kept busy the last few months. When the NBA shut down, Brown put his staff to work. He searched for reasons why a team that was 29-2 at home could be a dreadful 10-24 on the road. Everything from travel schedules to hotels to team meetings were dissected. He studied the offense, which failed to click, especially in the half court. He studied the defense, which slipped into the middle of the pack after Christmas. “It was what did we do well and what didn’t we,” Brown said. “And let’s fix the stuff we didn’t.
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Like anyone missing basketball, Embiid watched “The Last Dance” documentary. There are some parallels to be made as Embiid and Ben Simmons have had their share of disappointment in the postseason. Much like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen did with the “Bad Boy” Pistons, the Sixers’ All-Star duo may have to overcome their playoff boogeymen in Boston and Toronto. Embiid believes he can push his teammates the same way Jordan once did. “I did watch it. It was interesting,” Embiid said. “I saw a lot of similarities and a lot of people have told me that. … I can also be that guy, I just need to keep putting in the work and that’s what I’ve been doing.”
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Ben Simmons’ Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Motivation debuts Thursday at House of Hoops by Foot Locker and online at The 76ers point guard’s new sneaker is part of a Nike series recognizing the motivational phrases and pregame rituals of standouts that include Simmons, Dallas Mavericks point guard Luka Dončić, Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox, and Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner.
“[Matisse Thybulle] has been great [this season],” said Ben Simmons, on Brian Seltzer’s ‘Reel Talk.’ “He is willing to learn. Everyone has that kind of rookie bump, as they say. But I haven’t really noticed a bump with him. I think he’s been very solid overall. He has gotten a lot better, his confidence is getting better and better. Defensively, his confidence is there — he knows he’s one of the best defenders in the NBA.”
Keith Pompey: #Sixers GM Elton Brand is optimistic that Ben Simmons (back) will return if or when the season resumes. But Brand was asked if the PG would be ready if the playoffs were today: “It’s tough because of him not playing 3-on-3, 5-on-5 just to speculate there. But when I FaceTime him during his workouts, during his treatment and I see him, I’d be highly encouraged that his ramp up would be different. We took our time. We’ve been methodical and thoughtful about his recovery and rehab just to make sure, because we weren’t in a rush. It’s hard to speculate, but he’s been working hard, and I know he’d be closer or ready.”
Storyline: Ben Simmons Injury
Simmons stoically absorbed the wrath of Boyle — his favorite coach of all time, he says — then followed his own mantra: learn from it, put it away and move on, same as he did following that gutting elimination by the Raptors last May. His inner circle knows how much that playoff loss wounded him, but how Simmons feels in those moments is not for public consumption. “I don’t like to express myself too much in front of everyone else,” Simmons says, “because then that lets you know how I feel.”
Brown’s NBA peers agree with him. A sampling of league coaches insists that even if Simmons began routinely making two or three 3s a game, when the score tightened, particularly in the playoffs, teams will still back off and dare him to shoot. “Just like with Giannis [Antetokounmpo],” says one Western Conference coach. “It’s great he’s working on his 3-point range, but we’re still giving him that shot every single time — and hoping he takes it.”
Simmons attempted just two in the subsequent three months. “Some people put so much emphasis on it,” Simmons says. “It’s a little too much. It made me back check and say, ‘Let me focus on what I’m good at.’ There are things I do on the court where nobody can stop me, when I’m putting up steals, assists, scoring in the paint.” Brown is asked if he feels his declaration to his point forward backfired. “I said it because I meant it,” Brown says. “It was my way of trying to give him a nudge.”
“We’ve had conversations, especially when it comes to shooting,” Embiid says. “Ben can help me a lot. I feel like I’ve helped him a lot with his game. People keep saying, ‘Oh, you have to stop spending time on the 3-point line,’ but I do it because Ben is such a good driver, going to basket, that I’ve got to help open that up for him. “I would like if he would do the same for me, to start shooting [3s]. But I also know how uncomfortable he is with it.”
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