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The question mentioned 1980s Celtics player Cedric Maxwell, who said Draymond Green would’ve “got knocked the [****] out” back then. So, Green entertainingly railed against former players talking like that. “There were a few guys back then that would lay you out, that would knock you out, that would foul you and get thrown out the game,” Green said. “Bill Laimbeer. Rick Mahorn. But everybody running around acting like they were that. Y’all were getting bullied. So it, baffles me when every guy – just because they played in the ’80s, just because they played in the ’90s – is like, ‘Man, if you played in our day, you’d get knocked out.’ Okay, so you’re saying Rick Mahorn would have knocked me out? Rick Mahorn probably knocks you out. Bill Laimbeer probably lays you out.”
The NBA did have more physicality back then. But someone tough as Green would have fit seamlessly. There’s a reason he doesn’t resemble the enforcers of yesteryear. “Their fine was also two dollars,” Green said. “It’s just not the same day and age. If I go knock somebody out, I probably get fined a million dollars.”
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On Bill Laimbeer’s phantom foul on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game 6 of the 1988 Finals: “He got him on the knee! You have to understand the trickery. It looked clean from up top, but he had that big belly just bumping up against Kareem and it threw him off balance. Everybody knew that. I have the same argument with Isiah and John Salley: ‘Just give it up, guys! It was a foul.’”
If Hammon chooses to accept either the Liberty or Aces job, it’s expected to take place in the lead up to the WNBA’s January free agency, sources tell The Athletic. The Liberty head coaching job is currently open after New York and Walt Hopkins parted ways in early December. The Aces job is currently filled by Bill Laimbeer, who has coached in the WNBA since 2002. If Hammon were to accept the Aces job, Laimbeer would step aside and potentially fill a different organizational role, sources said.
The Las Vegas Aces are off to a stellar 6-3 start to their season and Thursday night’s 94-82 victory over the New York Liberty took head coach Bill Laimbeer to second place in career wins (288), passing former Los Angeles Sparks and Seattle Storm head coach Brian Agler. Laimbeer was a four-time All Star and two-time champion during his days in the NBA. Since retiring in 1993, he’s seen similar success in the realm of coaching, leading the WNBA’s Detroit Shock to three championships during his 2002-2009 reign.
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In his 2004 book, Embry describes himself hearing a slightly different story in a different setting, with Laimbeer as narrator and Embry himself as old-but-intimidating comeback-deliverer: In a different conversation with Laimbeer, he told me that after every game in the [Richfield] Coliseum, as a sign of unity, each of the Pistons would spit on my car, which they passed en route to their bus. He stepped away from me as he told the story, not quite sure how I would react, and he seemed genuinely surprised when I said, “Good for them. It probably needed to be washed anyway.” Embry also says his wife, Terri, was particularly displeased about the spitting because it was all on the passenger side. Whichever version of this story you prefer, it sure sounds like 1989 Pistons — all of them — spat on a car together.