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What has your reaction been to watching Nikola Jokic in these playoffs? Bill Walton: He’s just a very interesting player and super fun to watch. He looks like he’d be really fun to play with. He looks like a great teammate and a spectacularly skilled player who plays to win. And he can do so many different things. He’s big, strong, powerful, mobile, skilled, intelligent, creative, collaborative. Empty the thesaurus. He’s got a lot of things going for him. He comes from a great basketball culture. And he’s got a tremendous coach right now in Mike Malone. He’s got some real nice teammates in Denver. Josh Kroenke at the top is terrific. Chris Marlowe, their broadcaster. I’m very aware of the Nuggets and the dizzying possibilities of a wonderful tomorrow.
Bill Walton: I really like watching this guy play. I’d love to play with him, I’d love to play against him, I’d love to play basketball. I haven’t been able to play basketball in 34 years now. But you know I can watch. I just love brilliant performers. Whether it’s Tadej Pogačar winning the Tour de France. Whether it’s those two guys from Austria and Germany in the U.S. Open Finals. I love greatness and I love effort and I love talent. And we are lucky to see a lot of it right now. Hershey Felder, the great performance artist. The live nature of athletic competition is just, where you don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s what drives us as fans, but it also drives the performers. And I salute these guys. I admire these guys, what they’re doing, what they have done, and my anticipation of what’s gonna be next. The real challenge is to continually get better all the time, and Nikola is so versatile, so smart, so imaginative in his life. There’s a golden road ahead, and people like me who have unlimited devotion to brilliance and greatness, we look forward to that journey.