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And now, after moving into second in franchise history in scoring with a three-pointer at the 3:54 mark of the second quarter in Friday’s 122-110 victory versus the Pelicans in New Orleans, just his 536th career game and seven years to the day since the Blazers made the trade for the pick that became Lillard, he’s earned the right to be in the conversation for greatest Trail Blazer ever. He hasn’t yet had the postseason success of Clyde Drexler, the all-time leader in scoring with 18,040 points, or Bill Walton, but in terms of what he’s done as an individual during his time in Portland, Lillard’s bona fides are on par with the elite of the elite in history of Rip City. True to form, Lillard pointed out that, while he’s taken every shot to get to 12,584 points, it wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support of those around him. “I think I was fortunate to come into the league, I was 21 years old when I got drafted, I had a lot of experience playing in college where I was able to grow up from a high school student to a man,” said Lillard. “Away from home, learning how to take care of myself and how to behave and stuff like that, I think all of that played a part in the maturity, even as a basketball player.
So on Oct. 25, as Jokic was warming up ahead of Denver’s matchup with the Lakers, Walton ambled onto the court to greet the 23-year-old franchise star and ask him for a photo. “It’s been one of the joys, one of the great and positive happenings in my life, to now look forward to him playing each and every game,” Walton said. “I tried to convey that when I met him this past October. When we were able to work that game into our schedule, I was just thrilled with the opportunity to watch him play in person.”