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Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin
Position: F
Born: 03/16/89
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:251 lbs. / 113.9 kg.
Salary: $31,873,932
On​ a November night​ in​ 2008​ inside​ Oklahoma’s Lloyd Noble Center, basketball and its​ gamut of​ beauty​ were exemplified​ through​ two​​ contrarian players. Stephen Curry, the star of the No. 21-ranked Davidson Wildcats, was still the baby-faced guard passed up by every major Division I program. Only now, he was no longer sneaking around unnoticed. The year before, Curry put on shooting clinics across the country while carrying his team to its first Elite Eight appearance in 39 seasons. With every step and effortless follow through, Curry’s baggy jersey swayed away from his feeble frame like a grocery bag in the wind. Even with the NBA an option after that season, Curry chose to do the campus thing one more time. Then there was Blake Griffin, the muscle of the No. 12-ranked Oklahoma Sooners and college basketball’s superstar. A boy, playing as a man, in a boy’s game.
Don’t blink. Ten years flies by. “There were some injuries and things like that, and, I guess, we both have that in common, but in terms of expanding his game, he’s shooting 3s now, which is crazy,” Curry said. “He’s just evolved, gotten better. A lot of people talk about how hard he works, and you don’t return from injuries like that without that type of mentality. Looking back to the draft class to now, us two, in terms of what we’re trying to accomplish, still trying to play at a high level— throw Harden into that, too — it’s been pretty cool because, now, we’re veterans.”
This may be Dončić’s rookie season in the NBA, but it’s effectively his fourth as a pro. To appreciate Dončić is to embrace this sort of contradiction. There’s so much he has left to learn, and yet there’s a refinement to his game beyond what’s typical of a 19-year-old. “Like a veteran who’s been in the league for 10 years,” Nowitzki says. “That’s how he carries himself.” That’s been true in the box score as well. Only eight other players in the league have matched Dončić’s nightly averages of points (19.1), rebounds (6.5) and assists (4.2) this season. Seven of those eight were named All-NBA last year. (The eighth, Blake Griffin, was injured for much of the season.)
After missing his first season because of injury, Griffin helped the Clippers become an entertaining contender with his athletic exploits and, later, his evolving and expanding offensive game. So while being traded to Detroit in 2018 was a shock, especially after hearing the whole “Clipper for life” spiel before signing a max contract in 2017, he looked at starting over a little differently than the rest of the NBA world. “To come here, I don’t look at it in the same place. This is a franchise that’s had success: three championships. I don’t know the stats, it’s gotta be top 10,” Griffin said, as only the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Warriors and Spurs have more titles.
It was Stan Van Gundy’s last gambit as coach/president last season, and Griffin has found the environment to be refreshing from the top down — either that or it’s the brisk Detroit air hitting Griffin on the way out of Little Caesars Arena. “You see the organization, not just the coaches, but everybody to marketing to PR to assistants, you see how professional they are and how much they care, and how first class everything is,” Griffin said. “For me, it’s a long way of saying I don’t even feel like it’s that situation [with the Clippers], but I do like coming to this team and having the challenge of getting us back to that place.”