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Boban Marjanovic
Boban Marjanovic
Position: C
Born: 08/15/88
Height: 7-3 / 2.21
Weight:271 lbs. / 122.9 kg.
Salary: $9,490,740
Boban Marjanovic moved from the LA Clippers to the Philadelphia 76ers during this season and the Serbian big man liked his new environment. The 30-year-old center believes he will almost certainly stay in Philly: “The league is still played and according to NBA rules, nothing can be said before July 1. On July 1, the first on the line are the main player’s negotiations and then, from July 3, it’s time for the rest of us. I don’t know what will happen… I should, almost 90 percent, stay in Philadelphia but that’s not known yet, just speculation. It was nice for me there, so why not”, he said, per Zurnal.
Storyline: Boban Marjanovic Free Agency
With still a few minutes before his time is up, John Wick approached by a mammoth of an assassin named Ernest who doesn’t mind taking an early stab. And he just happens to be played by Philadelphia 76ers center — and NBA Twitter favorite — Boban Marjanović. “When I found out about this, I was freaking out,” the seven-foot, three inches tall Serbian tells EW. “I was like, ‘The John Wick movies?’ I kept asking them if they were serious.”
“I was like, ‘Is this normal?’” he says with a laugh of the raucous reaction to his scene. “I realized it was like respect if they like something.” He even managed to impress his BFF/teammate Tobias Harris. “The guys know I’m in the movie but everybody think I’m like tiny part, like John Wick just walk to me, kill me, and keep walking,” he reveals. “No one expected a real fight. I was with Tobias at the premiere and he looked at me and was like, ‘Hey, Bo, this is the real deal!’”
Considering the fun he had making the film and the good feedback, Marjanović is hoping to get more acting opportunities, even campaigning to go from playing a Bond-like role to being in a Bond movie (“It would be nice.”). But there’s one thing he definitely won’t be doing after this experience. “I’m scared to go to library,” he jokes. “I’m scared John Wick will show up and break my leg again.”
There’s a story going viral from the Wall Street Journal about NBA center Boban Marjanovic and his big scene in John Wick 3, in which the 7-foot-3 vet was asked to kick Keanu Reeves’ stunt double. When he did it, Marjanovic sent the man flying back 15 feet. As Marjanovic told For The Win on Friday, there was a reason he was working with the stuntman before he says he actually kicked Reeves in a fight scene that took place in a library.