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Boban Marjanovic
Boban Marjanovic
Position: C
Born: 08/15/88
Height: 7-4 / 2.24
Weight:290 lbs. / 131.5 kg.
Salary: $3,500,000
On that first night, the group longed for familiarity and comfort — and a little bit of fun. Dinner turned into drinks. Drinks turned into playing music from their phones while locking arms and belting Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian songs, including “Slavija” by Džej and “Ne Moze Nam Niko Nista” by Mitar Miric, seemingly every few minutes. They weren’t the only players unwinding by going out and eating and drinking in the bubble that night, but they were certainly the loudest. “We transformed the restaurant to a club,” Dragić said.
Gregg Popovich, his Spurs head coach for the 2015-16 season: I felt like an idiot (when we didn’t re-sign him after his rookie season). Sometimes, you do things because you know it’s right for the person. If you can do something that’s good for the team and the person, that’s great. But he was, we brought him over here so he felt that loyalty and everything. But we sort of had to explain to him that that loyalty only goes so far. You’ve got to take care of your family, and people make decisions to take care of their families. The offer he was getting was something that we couldn’t match, and I would have felt forever guilty if I would have convinced him to stay and give up all that money. In the end, I just had to say, “No, you’re going. You’re gonna go. You have a family. You have to do it.” And he begrudgingly went.
Anthony Tolliver, his Pistons teammate from 2016 to 2018: We’re actually business partners now. I brought him in on a deal that I was doing called, and of course, he’s the perfect spokesperson for it. We had a photo shoot at my house actually earlier this year, and, yeah, he’s literally the perfect person for that. Patty Mills, his Spurs teammate for the 2015-16 season: (I introduced him to) the word Bala, which means brother in my language. I played against him whenever it was, the under-19 world championships, that was probably 2006 or so. I’ve kinda known him playing international at the junior level, and seeing him around.