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Bogdan Bogdanovic
Bogdan Bogdanovic
Position: G
Born: 08/18/92
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:204 lbs. / 92.5 kg.
Salary: $8,529,386
Milos Teodosic joined the NBA as a 30-year-old when he signed with the LA Clippers back in the summer of 2017 and stayed until the February 2019. In his recent interview with RTS’s Slobodan Sarenac, he admitted that it might have been too late for him and shared his opinion on the ideal years to make the transition to the NBA, taking the Kings‘ Bogdan Bogdanovic as a prime example: “I think it’s individual. In any case, not too late as I did. I think I came to the US too late. Years with which Bogdan came are ideal. Some 24, 25 when you already did something in Europe, when you’ve matured and arrived with self-confidence which is very important. I think those are the ideal years”, he said.
Bogdanovic seemed to be in a ‘shooting crisis’ when he got back after the injury and he admitted that it affected him quite a lot: “My knee was operated for the second time and I started to get scared and ask myself if ‘this was it’. It affected me, I was thinking non-stop if I will be able to get back to my former level – I injured ankle joint hundreds of times but I never faced with this kind of injury, and I decided to operate it in the end. Then, during the recovery period after six weeks, when we did everything and strengthened the muscles, my nerve inflames during a run on the treadmill and starts to hurt. I reported it but they couldn’t find a solution. I talked to everybody, the doctor said it’s most likely from the operation, that I will get used to it and it will go away, that the body suffered a trauma. I continued, it still hurt but then I rested for two days, tried to relax and not think about it. The pain went away, I don’t know how, and we strengthened the leg again for a week”, he explained before finishing his point.
“Why am I saying all this? First, they didn’t allow me to stay longer in the gym to what I was used to but they said it would only set me back, that my kinetic chain was disrupted due to practicing too long. I changed the practice plan and it affected my game rhythm – I always knew if the shot was good or bad but I never lost the confidence. It also happened to me that due to the fear of knee pain, I jump out of balance which automatically changes the whole shot so I was shooting too late or too early.”
How much of a transition has it been for you this season going to a bench role and being an anchor for the bench? Bogdan Bogdanovic: I am ready for everything, and I am here to help my team win all these games. That’s my game – I don’t care am I starting, am I playing, or whatever, I know I deserve what I deserve right now, and I’m always trying to do an even better job and be better every time. I’m satisfied with the season. I wasn’t happy earlier because I was hurt … it was kind of hard for me, but last couple of weeks I finally found some rhythm in the legs and I’m coming back.
What do you think the combination of Marvin Bagley and Harry Giles can become? Bogdan Bogdanovic: It’s so easy with them. It’s so easy to score with them. It’s so easy to play with them, on both ends. You can change the offense, you can change the defense – that’s the hardest thing in the NBA, to adjust your offense and defense … They can shoot the ball, they can dunk, they can run, they can handle the ball, they can pass, that’s unbelievable when you have all five players with all that skillset, it’s unbelievable. It’s a big advantage.