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Boris Diaw
Boris Diaw
Position: -
Born: 04/16/82
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Earnings: $81,865,921 ($94,766,619*)
Boris Diaw: I did eight safaris in a row when I was playing because we didn’t have much time. And so for like eight years, I went every year. Where would you go? Diaw: South Africa is like a good place to start because it’s everything. It’s easier. Everything is close. You got small planes that take you to all these places. Then I think Tanzania was pretty cool, but my favorite was Botswana. There’s a place called Okavango Delta, which is like flooded in some seasons and then it gets dry sometime, and then you got all the in between so it’s pretty cool you got all the animals all the life the predators also coming because of all the life and so it’s just a great place to go. Any close calls on safari? Diaw: A few, a few [laughs].
Boris Diaw: The problem is when you go on foot sometimes. So if you want to go see more stuff and go check some stuff out then you’re going on foot and it gets a little more tense. So yeah, a couple close calls I got was on foot with like the hippopotamus, it was actually the most dangerous one. What happened with the hippopotamus? Diaw: We went on foot because we wanted to go see the crocodile by the water. But we were going through the stall grass, which actually was a bad idea. I don’t know what the ranger was thinking. Not a great idea when you got all the lions and everything around. So what happened with the hippopotamus? Diaw: Well, I just heard it coming through because that’s what I said. The one thing you don’t want to do is the hippo is going between him and the water because water is a safe place. And he goes out to eat some grass and then goes back to the water. But if you’re in between he’s just going to kill you to get back to the water.
Boris Diaw: The other close call was a buffalo. A buffalo is the one thing you don’t want to see on foot. Because on foot, if you see a lion, usually it’s fine. But the buffalo you never know, because they are unpredictable. And if they feel threatened, they’re going to attack you just as a defense mechanism. So if you’re too close to them, that’s where it’s dangerous. We were on foot and we were looking at tracks and stuff like that. And so we’re going down a path and we see buffalo tracks so we are like, okay, we don’t want to follow them because we don’t want to encounter them. So we took a different path. And then another time there was tall grass on our right side, and we just walked along, chilling and looking and the ranger who was telling us things like ‘look at these plants’. And a lot of sudden he stops, and so we all stop but we don’t see anything. And all of a sudden we look to our right and through the tall grass, you just see the big head of a buffalo and get out of the grass, looking at us.
Boris Diaw on a safari: It was like laying down. And it was just looking at us straight. And we’re like only like 30 feet away, so that was very, very close. So the ranger is like, okay, let’s just stay together and then kind of back out because you don’t want to spread out because if you spread out, that’s when it’s gonna be scared because that’s what like lions and all the predators do, they’re going to spread out to attack you. So you want to stay together to show that you’re not a threat and kind of walk down. And so we started walking back but we took like three steps and all of a sudden the buffalo got up and then there were six other buffaloes around that we did not see because they were laying down as well next to him. The whole stand up and now we got six buffaloes looking at us and not moving and we start walking through like a tree. We’re like, okay, maybe we need to climb a tree or something. But I was with my mom! I was like, she’s not gonna be ready if we have to hide somewhere. And then all of a sudden, they just ran but in the other direction. Good for us.
Do you have a home base? Boris Diaw: So the idea what I say is like, I’m trying to be on the boat six months out of the year, but it’s never like six months in a row. So sometimes a month, and then I come back out and come back to France. Because I don’t have a home base, the home base is the place I spend the most time out of the year. And I spent like a couple months in France, I spent a couple months in the US. So the one word that I kept is working as a GM for the French national team. But it’s really like a summer thing. Like when we have like, two weeks where the team is going to get together in November and then a month in in June, month and a half in September. So it depends when but that allows me to get my own schedule and to be able to travel.