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Brandon Jennings
Brandon Jennings
Position: -
Born: 09/23/89
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:168 lbs. / 76.6 kg.
Earnings: $40,141,001 ($50,878,418*)
Clutch Points: Brandon Jennings has some thoughts on the state of today’s NBA… 🤔 Jennings mentions that he feels Chris Paul and LeBron James were among those who contributed to turning the NBA into a “player’s league,” which has hurt the league. (via @Tuff__Crowd)

When you hear the word entourage, what do you think of? Velvet ropes. VIP treatment. Bottle service. Hanging out with celebrities. Free clothes and sneakers. Well, all that is accurate. “Being a plus-one, the treatment was way different,” Travonne Edwards told The Athletic on the most recent episode of Stargazing. “Those things of not waiting in line in the club, comp bottles — it just depends on the certain situation. But the treatment was that. ‘Aw, that’s his man. So we’re gonna look out and make sure you’re good.’” Before Edwards was an NBA analyst at The Athletic, he was in the entourage of two former NBA players: Marcus Williams and Brandon Jennings.
What are some of the day-to-day responsibilities that go into being in a player’s entourage? It just depends. Like, if you don’t have a cook, your homie might make some food. You might need somebody to get picked up from the airport. Can you pick somebody up from the airport? They’re not gonna go to do their own grocery shopping and stuff like that. If you’re living with them, that’s kind of normal. It’s not even a job. That’s common stuff, like what you would be doing? You’re just living in a better crib. Honestly, it just depends, because it depends on the player and what you’re doing. And I think, like, hanging out with Brandon (Jennings) was more so like, one week we’re hosting Wale, we’re hosting Bow Wow, we’re hosting Lil Twist, versus there’s a week where it’s just the homies. So it’s just different. He’d be like, ‘Yo, just chill with my homie Black Tray. He’ll make sure you’re good.’ Because he can’t focus on that. You gotta focus on the game. You gotta focus on a lot of stuff. So it might be like,’Oh, we’re gonna go out tonight?’ All right, let’s set up the table. Things like that, you know what I’m saying? So it was always fun. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, this is crazy.’
What is the craziest night out that you can remember? Take it wherever you want. Lockout season. Lockout season was just like no holds barred because that was all we looked out for. You work out, go hoop, hoop some more, hoop some more and then we’re going to the club. We’re living in LA. Every NBA player is living in LA right then. So at that particular time, it was hilarious because football players are in the club, and it was kind of like a battle between who can spend the most money. You’re not remembering this stuff. You’re not even gonna care because it’s just bottles flowing. So that was one time.
But probably the best time was Drake’s pool party. I had an invite. It’s the infamous picture that’s on the internet. I’m like, doing some no-look thing, but I’m smoking. But at the time, I was a school teacher. No one knew what I looked like. So I was never posting my picture. And I happened to get caught in this picture with Drake. This is like 2016 where he’s like beefing with people. So, like, every picture is going to go viral, (including) this one. And I’m sitting there and there’s a girl that saw us at one of our parties and was like, ‘Hey, that’s the teacher. You know Drake?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ Cause I was trying to do the whole Spider-Man thing. I would teach and I’m also part of an entourage hanging out as a secret life.
Did you ever wonder what would’ve happened if you didn’t have that injury? Brandon Jennings: I would’ve been an All-Star for sure if I didn’t tear my Achilles, and I believe we would have made the playoffs that year in Detroit, and then I’d end up getting paid. That probably would’ve happened. Then again, who knows what happens after that? I feel like with the injury, that’s when the chaos started happening outside of my career. I felt like with the money, it would’ve probably been more chaos.