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Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight
Position: -
Born: 12/02/91
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:189 lbs. / 85.7 kg.
Earnings: $81,820,597 ($86,235,328*)
Then later in the conversation, Watson talked about how he started Booker when Phoenix had paid “$140 million combined to start” Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight. “So by me starting Devin Booker was like ‘whoa, what are you doing?’ Watson said. “‘I’m not paying Brandon Knight $70 million to come off the bench,’ but I just saw in the backcourt when you have Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe, you had two pattern players. The game was changing and I knew the game was changing from my AAU teams. I seen what was coming. That’s not going to be sustainable. In the playoffs, you can’t have a pattern player with the ball. You’re not going to win.”

Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight said he’s still give autographs but would be a little more cautious due to concerns regarding the coronavirus. “Same thing you would normally do. Just fist-bumps,” he said. “I don’t anything drastic will be put in place. Just making sure you’re more aware of normal things – wash your hands and be aware of your surroundings.”
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Knight, who returned to the Pistons as part of the Drummond deal, remembers the day vividly and would have preferred to hear it from Dumars, who engineered the trade for the Pistons. Now 28, he understands how the sausage is made. “A lot of times with these trades and what we have to understand as players, not saying whether it’s right or wrong, they happen quickly so it’s tough to say we’re not trading you and then something develops quickly, and you try to inform the player, it’s almost impossible,” Knight said.
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