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Brandon Roy
Brandon Roy
Position: -
Born: 07/23/84
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Earnings: $95,751,295 ($125,164,958*)
In an appearance on Michael Porter Jr.’s Curious Mike program, Roy recently sat down and got to talking about the Blazers title team that never was when Greg Oden first joined as a rookie. “I was like, man. I remember calling my dad and he was like, ‘how good is he?’ And I was like, ‘oh, we can win a championship.’ For the first time in my life, playing with him I was like we could win a championship. He was that good.” “Now I’m not saying we could win it that year, but having him on the team we had everything we needed to win a championship because he filled a lot of those holes. Once he got comfortable in games, I was telling Nate [McMillan], ‘I’m kinda bored.’ because Greg does so much.”
Alex Kennedy: Who are some other players who could’ve done so much more if it wasn’t for injuries? For example, Brandon Roy comes to mind immediately. David West: “Greg Oden. The one year that dude was healthy, we played them like three times in the first month-and-a-half of the season or something. I remember bumping up against him and being like, ‘Yo, this dude is going to be a beast.’ We couldn’t do anything with him — me and Tyson [Chandler] together — he was just dunking everything around the basket. He was 285-to-290 [pounds], but not like a bulky fat. If Greg Oden had stayed around, I don’t think small-ball evolves. If he’s healthy, I don’t think small-ball evolves the way it did. No way.”