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Brent Barry
Brent Barry
Position: -
Born: 12/31/71
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:203 lbs. / 92.1 kg.
Earnings: $53,464,860 ($85,850,864*)
Hmm, OK. By that rationale, then, your Finals MVP in 1975 was your greatest individual achievement? Brent Barry: Well, as far as individually, yeah. Because, I mean, I’ve been on a championship team in the ABA (in 1969, the Oakland Oaks), but I was hurt and didn’t get to play in the finals. So yeah, I finally got to accomplish the goal that I always had, to be a world champion. To accomplish that, I got to be the Finals MVP. I should have been MVP in the regular season. But that’s the one year … you know you talk about timing, they changed the voting from the writers to the players. I mean, what a bonehead thing to do. The last people you want in any sport is to ask the players to vote because they get personal. I mean, I went out there to kick their ass. I didn’t go out to make friends.
Another pal — Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer — cited Memphis’ Tayshaun Prince and San Antonio’s Brent Barry as candidates. I’ve likewise heard that Prince is expected to receive the backing of first-year Blazers coach Chauncey Billups, which would certainly make sense given their association as championship-winning teammates in Detroit. It has been suggested that Billups, as new as he is in Portland, may well have more influence in the club’s direction post-Olshey.
Storyline: Trail Blazers Front Office
Stotts, who sources say has less player support now than he did in years past, has one season left (upwards of $6 million). Among the potential coaching candidates for the Trail Blazers, sources say: Lakers assistant Jason Kidd, Hawks interim coach Nate McMillan, 76ers assistant Dave Joerger, Clippers assistant Chauncey Billups and Spurs vice president of basketball operations Brent Barry. Sources say Blazers chairwoman Jody Allen, who took over for her brother, Paul, when he passed away in October 2018, has become increasingly focused on the Blazers’ future this season.