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Brian Grant
Brian Grant
Position: -
Born: 03/05/72
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:254 lbs. / 115.2 kg.
Earnings: $109,842,052 ($155,791,662*)
Whitsitt: When Jermaine was a free agent, I was able to get him to re-sign. And I did make a commitment that if he didn’t get a fair shake … I’d try to move [him] somewhere where [he] could get some playing time. Dunleavy: I have Arvydas Sabonis, Rasheed Wallace and Brian Grant—three guys that are right there, as far as All-Stars in this league. And I’m expected to win every single game. Whitsitt: For whatever reason, Mike did not like Jermaine and just didn’t want to play him, didn’t want to develop him. He had some personality issues with him. Pippen: At some point, I saw where he broke Jermaine’s spirit.
It has been more than a decade since you went public with your Parkinson’s diagnosis. How would you describe your life now? Brian Grant: I have my struggles. I’ve completely dealt with the fact that there are some things I deal with, like depression and things I have no control over. All in all, I’m very proud of the foundation that I’ve built. It’s a great feeling when you see something that you created helping so many people. I would say my life is more chill and laid back. I go to a lot of banquets and things and I have a speaking business called Brian Grant Speaks.
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But this kind of fear was too much. He needed to know if he was just imagining everything or if his symptoms had a name. What if they were somehow his fault? What if they never went away? A few months later he sat in the office of Dr. John Nutt, a neurologist at the Oregon Health & Science University. As Nutt spoke, Grant heard his words, but it would take hours—weeks, months, years, really—for their full weight to register. That, at 36 years old, he had Parkinson’s disease.
Storyline: Brian Grant Health