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Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine
Position: -
Born: 03/18/78
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Earnings: $20,126,688 ($24,946,215*)
Brian Scalabrine: You can get together and make smores and sing “Kumbaya” in Los Angeles, but I don’t believe any of that stuff matters. I believe what matters is the fit on the floor and whether the players complement together. Even looking back at Miami when the Big Three went down there, they didn’t fit together for the first 20 games. But once they found their identity – with Chris Bosh taking a few steps back and Dwyane Wade taking a half-step back and LeBron James taking a half-step forward – those guys were a juggernaut, man!
Scalabrine, who played for four teams over a 12-year NBA career, said hardly anybody else stretched themselves like Allen did during shooting drills. Kyle Korver, another of Scalabrine’s former teammates, had a more meticulous method of preparation. “I hear Dirk (Nowitzki) does it. Curry’s the only other guy I’ve ever seen do the same thing,” Scalabrine said. “Curry works a little bit faster than when he plays in the game. You watch Curry and you think, ‘Man, he’s just getting that shot off so quick.’ He actually does it faster in his workouts. Those are the only two guys I’ve ever seen do that. “The catch-and-release — Ray is like catching it and seaming it and letting it fly at the last minute. The game to him, it has to be slower because of the way he works.”
His debut as a Celtics analyst came only days after he finished playing in 2012, and he seemed like a natural. Most athletes transitioning to TV have to learn on the job: smile while you’re talking; look at camera three; stop mumbling. Scalabrine, however, lit up the screen with energy, comedy and gravitas. “I find Scal to be a fascinating personality because he’s not what he appears to be,” his Celtics broadcast partner, Mike Gorman, said. “You come up to him to talk basketball and you’ll come away with a very different impression of this guy than that he was at the end of the bench and lucky to be in the league.”