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Brook Lopez
Brook Lopez
Position: C
Born: 04/01/88
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:259 lbs. / 117.9 kg.
Salary: $3,382,000
The Lakers, like the Cavs before them, found it hard to build any broader stylistic identity around LeBron on either end of the floor. Some within the Cavs theorized the team struggled to score with LeBron on the bench because they never developed any system beyond “LeBron doing stuff.” The Lakers tried to shoehorn a different offensive identity around LeBron with a series of nonsensical signings, and it is hilarious now to watch and listen as every branch of the organization deflects blame for those signings onto other parts of the organization. Pointing fingers is the surest sign of a rotten culture. In that end, those signings — and the bizarre non-signing of Brook Lopez — fall on the front office, regardless of who “pleaded” or “suggested” what, when, and to whom.. (Lopez has said he would have been interested in returning had the Lakers asked him.)
2 weeks ago via ESPN
While Buss has been an ardent backer of Walton, she has also empowered Johnson, who has been less resolute in his support. His efforts have all worked against his coach rather than with him. After delivering James in July, Johnson ignored the pleas of the coaching staff that he retain Brook Lopez and Julius Randle. Instead, he signed controversial and limited journeymen JaVale McGee, Michael Beasley and Lance Stephenson. When a fiery early season meeting between Johnson and Walton became public, Johnson responded not by saying he supported Walton but that he would allow him to “finish the season.” After the season? All bets would presumably be off.
The batty occurrences at the AT&T Center continued Sunday with play delayed for the third time this season when a bat swooped onto the court during the third quarter of the San Antonio Spurs’ 121-114 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. The scene reminded some Bucks players in the postgame locker room of a remark made to SB Nation by center Brook Lopez, who welcomes the opportunity a bat sighting could bring. “If you’ve learned anything from the modern superhero myth, if you see a bat around and it bites you, you have a 75 percent chance of ending up a superhero,” Lopez told SB Nation. “Otherwise, you’ll probably get really sick. But it’d be cool to be a superhero. You don’t need to be too afraid. I’d say give it a shot.”
2 weeks ago via ESPN
It seems that even Lopez was surprised by the Lakers’ lack of eagerness to re-sign him, as he wanted to remain with the team and was sure the interest was mutual. But at the end of the day, Lopez knows he’s in the best situation for him, via “The Lowe Post,” hosted by ESPN’s Zach Lowe: “I was a little surprised. It just didn’t end up working out. It kind of went in one direction pretty quickly. From that point, I was looking at other options. … I mean, I would have wanted to play there. But that being said, I’m happy that this worked out the way it did because it’s the best situation possible. Even comparable to playing there this season. Far and away, this season in Milwaukee has gone so well. The group we have here, the players, the staff, and the opportunity to do some big things. It’s such a great situation to be in.”