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Cam Thomas
Cam Thomas
Position: G
Born: 10/13/01
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:209 lbs. / 94.8 kg.
Salary: $2,138,160
“So we’re always feeding each other that type of energy and encouragement,” he continued. “From me to him to Kai (Irving) to Cam (Thomas) to Patty (Mills), we’re always talking to each other about ‘look, we need to be more aggressive to look to score the ball.’ I mean, that’s the name of the game, putting the ball in the hoop. So when Ben is aggressive to get downhill and looks for everybody and then puts the ball in the rim, that’s going to be a plus for our team. But I don’t have to tell him this every day. He knows what it is.”

Kyle Kuzma available?

Western Conference executive: “They need to cut out some salary but obviously they want to do that while also adding someone young to the mix. The Bulls are, again, in the market for depth at the position so there is a possibility, though they do not want to mess with the luxury tax either. But that could be a Coby White destination. Dallas is just trying to get better players across the board. They can give up an unprotected pick for him and match up the salaries. Kyle’s still fairly young (27) and that has appeal for a team like Dallas. And Brooklyn, I don’t think they’re done. They like their young guys but let’s face it, the clock on this team is running short and they need to win now. Cam Thomas or Day’Ron Sharpe, someone like that would be a draw for the Wizards.”

Lakers, Heat, Nets potential trade suitors for Mo Bamba?

“I thought it was a steal and a really smart thing they did by signing [Mo Bamba], giving him ($10.3) million, (plus) an option for next year. That is very, very friendly to the team. He could be a really big commodity this winter or next summer. I think if you are a team like the Lakers and you’ve been so careful with the two picks they have (2027 and 2029), a young player like Bamba, that is why you save those picks, if he comes available. He’s someone the Heat have been interested in, too, and they might have to give up a young guy and a pick to get him. The Nets, he grew up in New York, they would like to have him, too. I am not sure they have enough young assets to send back but if the Magic like Cam Thomas, that can work.”
Cam Thomas had a promising rookie season in 2021-22, but his playing time evaporated when the Nets added Seth Curry and then Goran Dragic. If Thomas found minutes hard to come by down the stretch last season, he’s going to be facing an even more uphill climb to start his sophomore campaign. “We’ll see how it goes after training camp. But he clearly is on a veteran team with a lot of guys who can play, have had a lot of success,” Nets coach Steve Nash admitted. “We know Cam’s talented, and just trying to continue to develop him and see if he can keep pushing and getting better at certain things that’ll help him get minutes.

Joe Harris not on the block

Alex Schiffer: @Julian S. It would make sense, and the money would come close to matching, but I’ve been adamantly told the Nets don’t want to trade Joe Harris. They would probably have to send Seth Curry, Cam Thomas and some other assets in a multi-team deal to make a deal for Turner work. There are other veteran bigs on the market so we’ll see how the Nets address that, if at all.