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Carlos Boozer
Carlos Boozer
Position: -
Born: 11/20/81
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:257 lbs. / 117 kg.
Earnings: $146,109,736 ($183,366,437*)
Carlos Boozer said there was no pressure replacing Karl Malone in Utah, because Andrei Kirilenko was already very good, he was joined in free agency by Mehmet Okur, and the team drafted Deron Williams a year later to form a talented core: “I had a blast here. I had a great time, man — this is one of the best teams I ever played on. We were like a family. Coach Sloan made sure of that, Larry Miller made sure of that. My kids would be running up and down the hallway, all our kids would be doing the same thing. We had a really unique team where everybody was an option.”
Carlos Boozer: “There’s a couple coaches in my life that really stick out for me personally. Obviously my dad put the ball in my hands. My high school coach, who’s also here, really helped my development. Coach K gave me the foundation of the pro that I would be moving forward. And coach Sloan gave me a chance to be a star. He talked to me a lot — we talked on the phone maybe three or four times before I even got here, before I signed the contract. And then when I got here, [we had a conversation] where he felt like there were certain things I could bring to the table that no one else on the team had. So for me, he really took my career from here to here. I wouldn’t be sitting here now if it wasn’t for coach Sloan.”
Boozer famously is the last Jazz player to post a triple-double in a regular-season game — waaaaay back on Feb. 13, 2008, against the SuperSonics: “I did hear about that. My kids actually told me — they keep up on Instagram pretty heavy, and I guess it came upon the ‘Gram. It was an accident — I was just playing ball! I wasn’t trying to get it! We were in Seattle at the time, and I’m just passing the ball, having fun, trying to win a basketball game, and the bench yelled out to me, ‘Yo, you get one more assist, you get a triple-double!’ So I got a rebound and Ronnie Price leaked out; I just threw the ball and he raced down and let it bounce a couple times, and when he caught it, it was an assist. So it was a team triple-double.”