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Carrick Felix
Carrick Felix
Position: -
Born: 08/17/90
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:196 lbs. / 88.9 kg.
The last story goes like this: Felix was playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors, the minor-league affiliate of the NBA’s Golden State franchise. He had already been cast aside by two other teams, missed substantial time in his young career due to injury and it was about to get worse. Just before taking off for a dunk, Felix planted his foot and felt his left kneecap snap in two. “I swear it was like a life-flashing moment,” Felix said. The injury led him on a tour of self discovery in which he reinvented himself as an app developer in Silicon Valley, as well as the Tony Robbins for school students or college athletes. This week, though, Felix can once again call himself an NBA player.
The adults were nice compared to the kids at school. Besides being small, Felix looked different than most Arizona kids who liked skateboarding and said he was “bullied.” It also didn’t help that Felix was diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder and was stigmatized for attending special education classes. Beverly vividly remembers hearing the advice from counselors to medicate her son, and learning secondhand how teachers tried to steer him away from college. “What they said he couldn’t do, he did,” Beverly said. “With Carrick, we wouldn’t let him fail no matter what.”
Focus and decision-making can be a struggle for someone diagnosed with ADD. And Felix, described at that time in his life as “wayward” by his former ASU assistant coach Dedrique Taylor, became overwhelmed and took the difficult path. He continued to play basketball but gave every dime of his student-athlete stipend to support the mother of his child. Broke and virtually homeless, Felix spent parts of the season couch-surfing and living out of his car. His unsettled life showed on the court. One night after a game, Taylor stopped Felix for a “come to Jesus meeting” in the parking lot. Felix sprawled out on his car in tears, finally confessing the weight on his shoulders.