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Earnings: $37,505,000 ($64,023,774*)
Justin Kubatko: Devin Booker (42 PTS) and Khris Middleton (40 PTS) became just the fourth pair of opposing players to each score at least 40 points in the same Finals game: ✅ Havlicek & West (4/25/69) ✅ Jordan & Barkley (6/11/93) ✅ Iverson & O’Neal (6/6/01) ✅ Booker & Middleton (7/14/21)
“I’m gonna be aggressive because I have an aggressive personality,” Barkley said when asked about his mindset heading into the final day of the tourney. “I just want to play well for the last — we got like 11 more holes to go and see where I’m at at the end of the day. Hey, listen, if I’m right there and at 75 and I’m right there, I’m going for it.” Go for it he did, but Barkley ended up finishing tied for 76th, losing his bet.
Barkley was minus-7 after his first round on Friday, which is not good in this context. The American Century Championship uses a modified Stableford scoring system where you get positive points for a par or better, 0 points for a bogey and -2 points for a double-bogey or worse. After that round, Barkley revealed in an interview with ESPN that he bet $100,000 on himself to finish in the top 70. “I put $100,000 on myself, so I feel very confident,” Barkley said Friday. “I feel really good. I screwed up myself today. I could have played a lot better, but I’m very happy with where I’m at.”