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“He’s never going to play another game in Philly,” Barkley said. “The fans won’t forgive him.” “They have to make a trade,” he added. “You have to move on from a bad relationship. They’re not using him and Joel Embiid has been playing great this year, so they’re wasting his talents.” Barkley — who spent 8 seasons with the Sixers — is familiar with how ruthless Philly fans can be … recalling times they were hard on him when he played for the org. “I know those fans very well,” Barkley said. “I thought my name was Charles Barkley Son of a Bitch for a long time when I was there.”
Saturday Night Live brought back their somewhat-recurring NBA on TNT sketch last night. Featuring Kenan Thompson as Charles Barkley, Alex Moffat as Ernie Johnson, and Chris Redd as Kenny Smith, the studio parody also found room (albeit barely, given the size jokes at play) for Bowen Yang as Yao Ming, filling in for Shaq.
The premise focused on the recent rash of disruptions to the NBA, which has forced what are essentially replacement players into action around the league. It was a fairly funny sketch (confession: I’m personally not the world’s biggest SNL fan, but this particular bit is as close to my wheelhouse as it gets, and Thompson and Redd are especially fun in their roles and Moffat got EJ’s cadence right, at least), recapping an imagined Nets-Kings first half that saw the Nets beating up on a roster filled with “fans and arena support staff.”
“We’ll see how his career ends up, but there’s a category of guys who are undoubtedly top tier talent of their era,” Curry said. “It’s the nature of the ball not bouncing your way here or there, injuries, breaks, stuff like that. But perennially, a guy like CP, you want him on your team no matter what. He’s made every team he has been on competitive and better than they would be otherwise. However you calculate that or quantify that, it’s winning. You want to have the championships. “But nobody questions his ability to impact the game and to win at the highest level. The championship will probably be nice for him, but that’s not going to define him. You got guys like Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, Reggie Miller, a who’s who of Hall of Famers who haven’t won a championship. You understand how hard it is.”
“Now you’re looking at a couple years of injury and weight gain,” an Eastern Conference GM said. “When you have a guy whose success weighs — no pun intended — so heavily on being an athlete, that’s worrisome. Everything he does has to do with him being three feet over the rim.” A second East GM echoed the concern that Williamson’s superiority is too reliant on his explosiveness, which is going to be hard to maintain at his size. “I figured he’d come in and make a big splash for six, seven years, but eventually his body would break down and that would be it,” the GM said. “He doesn’t have the skill level of a Charles Barkley or a Larry Johnson.”