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Earnings: $200,000 ($338,094*)
Charles Claxton, who had a cup of coffee with the Boston Celtics during his own playing days, coached Nicolas up until his son’s eighth-grade season. These days, Nicolas is carving his own path, yet his dad remains his biggest mentor. “It’s funny because everything I tell him, he already knows,” Charles said over the weekend. “He’s only (almost) 22, but he’s been around the game from a young age. We used to watch NBA games together, so his knowledge of the game is very high. I’ll point out a couple things that he can do better, but he knows. “I’ve told him since he was young, ‘Put pressure on the coach.’ Meaning, if you’re good enough, then they’ll try to find a way to play you.”
Charles envisions bigger things to come for his son in the future. “He’s still got to get stronger, knock down the 3-pointer consistently, hit his free throws, just work on all aspects,” Charles said. “Right now, on the team he’s on, he can’t show as much as he’s capable of doing. And he understands that, and he’s playing his role. Like we always say, ‘The cream rises to the top.’ And he’ll rise.”