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Charles Oakley
Charles Oakley
Position: -
Born: 12/18/63
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Earnings: $43,907,000 ($70,036,191*)

Charles Oakley wants James Dolan named in assault suit

Former New York Knick Charles Oakley alleges in court papers that James Dolan orchestrated his violent eviction from Madison Square Garden in 2017, and he wants to add the team owner as a defendant to his assault and battery lawsuit against the arena and entertainment company. That is a new twist to the more than 3-year-old case. Previously, Oakley contended Dolan had merely ordered his eviction. Now he is alleging that the owner ordered what the ex-player is calling an assault.
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A three-judge panel concluded a jury could decide whether it was improper for security guards to throw Oakley to the ground after Oakley, according to his court papers, slapped their hands away in self defense as he sought to watch the game. The appeals court, though, rejected Oakley’s claims of defamation and false imprisonment.
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In a statement released by his lawyers, Oakley said: “I am appreciative of the appeals court as I now have a chance to show the world what I said from day one was true. The truth is going to come out at trial and Dolan will be held responsible for what he did.” His lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, said: “This is a great day for Knicks fans and fans of Mr. Oakley, and we look forward to the truth of what happened finally coming out.”
It was, Dolan suggested to the paper, also a sign that he would increase his political giving in the future, implying he planned to fund more Republicans in New York. Rose, for his part, was not surprised to see Dolan take issue with what he said. “No, man,” Rose told The Athletic. “Again, the guy is a snowflake. He kicks fans out of the arena. Look what he did to Oakley and Charles Oakley is a legend. I’m just a congressman. Nothing would surprise me. What I will tell you is I’m not going to let Jim Dolan bully me. I’ve got swamp creatures in D.C. coming after me. I’m not worried about this guy. Come at me, bro. Come at me. But you’re going to lose. Which is, by the way, something that he’s very much accustomed to. So I’m sure this won’t be cataclysmic for him; it’ll just be another loss in a long series of losses. He’s a loser. He’s got to shut up and sell the team.”
Oakleys says like everyone else in the NBA world, he had no idea Nash was even interested in a coaching gig … “but that’s how the world is.” “People hire their friends, people that they believe in. Somebody must believe in Steve Nash, a great player.” But, Oakley says there are plenty of Black coaches — like Mark Jackson, Pete Myers and Jason Kidd — who have been waiting for jobs … and got beat out because “this guy comes out of the blue.” “That goes to show you we’re still behind the 8 ball,” Oak says … “That’s what we’re trying to fight for, equal opportunity.”