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Chris Douglas-Roberts
Chris Douglas-Roberts
Position: -
Born: 01/08/87
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:199 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Earnings: $3,556,223 ($4,293,890*)
This is the square footage, among the disconnected and the disenfranchised and those being odd for effect mixed with those who are effectually odd, this is where Supreme Bey chooses to meet. “I love it here because everyone is so f—— weird,’’ says the man more commonly known as Chris Douglas-Roberts. “It’s the only place that no one stares at me.’’ As he sits down on a white sectional inside the relatively simplistic Cadillac Hotel, he is 11 years and a lifetime of self-discovery removed from the player who helped Memphis reach the Final Four in 2008. Now 32, he has bobbed-length dreads with gold tips and a full-mouthed diamond grill, and he wears both a black warmup jacket and black loafers with his DCTG (Don’t Cheat The Grind). A pair of bright socks peek out of his pants, Michael Jackson-Billie Jean video style, and black sunglasses shade his eyes, even as nightfall sets in.
Now here are the particulars. DCTG Sportswear is a trademarked brand, and you can buy the clothes online. Supreme says he has factories in Pakistan and China to mass-produce the apparel. He likes to keep supply low in order to ratchet up demand, but he also is the first to say that this is mostly a hobby. Raven, who played at Memphis, sketches her designs but is also just getting her line off the ground. The model, Mason, did sign a deal with APM, a boutique agency in New York, and Supreme did negotiate the contract. But Mason is not, technically, a supermodel. His foundation will focus on families in need in Memphis, but he’s only just returned there to get that started. As for the sports agency, he has eyes on a few players he’d love to represent. They just don’t know it yet.
When Bey was in the league, though, and told people he was going vegan in 2013 — eating nothing but fruit — his peers considered him someone too odd to fit in. The catered food after games — the chicken that athletes devour for protein — didn’t fit his diet and Bey needed substitutes. “Then, [being vegan] was taboo,” Bey said in a phone interview with The Step Back. “If you’re an athlete, you’re expected to eat meat — protein, without knowing there’s other ways to get protein. It’s ignorance, at the end of the day.
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Rod Beard: Full list of free agents working out for #Pistons this week: Phil Pressey, Jaron Johnson, Bobby Brown, Greg Whittington, Jordan Crawford, Nick Minnerath, Kadeem Jack, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Deonte Burton, Grant Jerrett, Cory Jefferson, Richard Solomon, Derrick Nix, Ousmane Drame, Eric Buckner, Gabe Olaseni.
Storyline: Bobby Brown Free Agency
Crawford is one of 16 free agent players taking part in the Pistons’ three-day minicamp, which concludes Thursday. He is joined by fellow Detroit natives Chris Douglas-Roberts and Derrick Nix (Michigan State). Former Detroit Mercy standout Nick Minnerath is also participating. If the Pistons like any of the participants, the player could be invited to join their Orlando Summer League team or possibly earn a training camp invitation.