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Chris Quinn
Chris Quinn
Position: -
Born: 09/27/83
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Earnings: $4,159,072 ($4,991,503*)
Anthony Chiang: Tyler Herro, Erik Spoelstra, Octavio De La Grana, Eric Glass, Chris Quinn and Udonis Haslem and other Heat representatives have already visited Surfside in recent days to pay their respects. This afternoon, Bam Adebayo and Andy Elisburg will be heading to the Surfside site.
Heat guard Tyler Herro was working out Thursday morning with assistant coaches Chris Quinn and Eric Glass when they were told there was a more pressing need. Before long, Herro, Quinn and Glass had left the team’s arena for the short drive north to Surfside, Florida, where a 12-story beachfront condo building collapsed around 1:30 a.m. At least one person was killed, dozens were unaccounted for and teams of rescuers were searching rubble with hope of finding anyone alive.
The Heat trio helped load a truck with water, food and other essentials. “This is 12 miles from our arena,” Heat vice president and charitable fund executive director Steve Stowe said. “We heard about this, and our immediate reaction was that we had to find a way to help.” Herro also addressed the front-line workers, thanking them for their heroism and efforts.
Most people don’t see it but I think your defense has improved tremendously. Who do you credit most for your improvement and who is your favorite defender in the league? Duncan Robinson: Quite possibly my favorite question (or maybe I should say opening statement lol). Appreciate you for noticing. A lot of time spent with Chris Quinn, Eric/Bill Foran and our training staff has been whats helped the most. Favorite defender to watch is Joe Ingles. Really good at using his body/positioning and has quick hands.