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CJ Watson
CJ Watson
Position: -
Born: 04/17/84
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Earnings: $23,756,506 ($27,851,525*)
Las Vegan CJ Watson spent 10 seasons in the NBA. His professional basketball career was a dream come true. However, CJ isn’t content living his dream. he wants to use his story to inspire kids to succeed. Watson, who’s been involved in a free basketball camp called “Hoops for Hope” for the past 17 years here in Las Vegas, has written a children’s book called “CJ’s Big Dream.” The book was written by CJ and centers around his life becoming a professional basketball player.
Draymond Green took to Instagram to complain about Conor McGregor wearing a No. 23 Golden State Warriors jersey. That’s the number he wears, of course, for the championship-winning team. Green said “We rockin with Floyd bro not you… take that off bruh.” But McGregor wasn’t wearing a Green jersey, it was an old C.J. Watson one.