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Clint Capela
Clint Capela
Position: C
Born: 05/18/94
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:211 lbs. / 95.7 kg.
Salary: $18,206,896
Scouting report
“Throughout the course of the season, Clint has been accommodating, thoughtful and candid with the media,” said Hawks Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Garin Narain. “He has a respect for the importance of the coverage they provide and the stories they tell our fans. There were many deserving candidates this year, and we’re excited to honor Clint.”
Lauren Williams: I think the hiring of Snyder says that they still somewhat view him (Collins) as part of this roster. He and Clint Capela’s bread and butter is to operate in the pick and roll. They’re both great rollers. I asked Quin about that in our one-on-one, and he had high praise for their ability as rollers. My boss, Chris Vivlamore, was talking to Kyle Korver, and Korver called Snyder a pick-and-roll savant. If you’re going out and getting that kind of guy that tells me you want to keep or at least find the type of coach that can amplify the strengths of your roster. These 20 games will be a big feeling out process for Quin and figuring out if John is a long-term fit in what they’re trying to do, if it’s Capela who is a long-term fit, or if they want to keep them both, how best can they create these rotations so that they’re getting the most effective spacing?