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While the combine is a loose setting for the onlookers, the action on the court is intense. Players dive for loose balls, get frustrated when they don’t get foul calls, aggressively call for the ball and ramp up their intensity when games get close to the end. It’s all part of the effort to impress the coaches and team captains, who serve as the general managers, from the BIG3’s 12 teams to be one of the 20 players drafted later this month. “It’s very competitive and they know it,” BIG3 commissioner and NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler said the week before the combine. “The combine gives guys an opportunity to showcase their skills.”
And Lillard knows that his own postseason pinnacle — reaching the 2019 Western Conference finals — pales in comparison to the accomplishments of those franchise titans. But if you dissect his answer, which was winding and nuanced, it gets right to the heart of why Lillard resonates so deeply with this fan base. Yeah, Walton and Drexler gave Portland the hardware. But did they give their heart? “I don’t think being here meant the same to them,” Lillard said.
Lillard is under contract through the 2024-25 season, and he knows there are milestones that can assure his legacy. Next season, Lillard should pass Drexler as the franchise leading scorer and move past him into second in assists. But ultimately he knows he will be judged by more than just stats to be unanimously considered the greatest Blazer. “I think I just need to continue to improve, continue to win games and eventually win a championship,” Lillard said. “I think if we win a championship, it’s a wrap.
Damian Lillard joined Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler as the only Portland players to score 15,000 points for the franchise, finishing with 34 as the Trail Blazers spoiled Golden State’s home opener with a 123-98 win over the Warriors on Friday night. ”Fifteen thousand is a huge accomplishment, something that I’m proud of but my work is far from done,” Lillard said.
Drexler then described the tipping point of what was a very difficult decision for him at that time: “They got rid of Kevin Duckworth, and I was like ‘Hold up guys, we don’t have a center,’” he said. “And then they started saying, ‘We need to rebuild. We need to trade some of these veterans while they can still play so that we can get something for them.’ And that’s when I orchestrated the trade to Houston. But if they had not done that, I would have finished my career there.”