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Coby White
Coby White
Position: G
Born: 02/16/00
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Salary: $7,413,955
Scouting report
“I don’t know if they would get another big guy, with (Andre) Drummond there, but finding a way to make a deal for Richaun Holmes in Sacramento might be a way to give them some rim protection. The problem is, it is a tough fit with their salary structure, making the match, I don’t think you’d give up a Coby White for a guy riding pine in Sacramento.  I think they’d do well with a volume 3-point shooter, a Buddy Hield or Luke Kennard or even Duncan Robinson, if they could figure out a way to make that deal. But again, the contracts are not really there for that kind of deal,” the Eastern Conference executive told Heavy Sports.

Bucks targeting defensive-minded frontcourt player for Grayson Allen

Milwaukee is reportedly shopping Grayson Allen, who would be a perfect fit for the Bulls. He can shoot from long range, is a slightly better defender than White, and more importantly, brings a much-needed edge wherever he plays. The issue is the Bucks are looking for a defensive-minded frontcourt player in return. White is neither of those.
Each game White misses is a deal, and one that the Bulls can’t make. The Sun-Times reported in July that the Bulls were actively shopping White, but didn’t get the value they wanted and weren’t just going to give him away. After the deadline for an extension came and went last month, there were still phone calls being made, but again not worth jumping on in the eyes of the front office. The hope was White would make some noise off the bench through the first half of the season, upping his value by the Feb. 9 trade deadline. Being a daily visitor to the training room, however, doesn’t exactly scream must-have target for the other 29 NBA teams.