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Cody Zeller
Cody Zeller
Position: C-F
Born: 10/05/92
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Salary: $14,471,910
Last year was such a young draft. The top five picks were 19.9, 19.3, 19.3, 18.8 and 19.1 years old, respectively. That’s the first time in NBA history that the top five picks were teenagers. To put that in perspective, as recently as 2013 — the Anthony Bennett year — there were no teenagers in the top five; Bennett, Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter Jr., Cody Zeller and Alex Len were all in their 20s. “The average age of drafted players is the lowest of all time,” noted one assistant GM. “That probably increases variance.”
“I try to keep things pretty light, but in all reality it’s a pretty serious situation for all of us,” Zeller said. “I mean, our careers and a lot of the organization to be honest with you depends on what Kemba decides this summer, whether he stays or goes. I think it really depends on his choice. But our team and our future can go two very different ways depending on what he decides. So I was kind of trying to make light of a serious situation. But I think for Kemba, he’s been great. I’ve been fortunate to play with him for all six years of my career, and a lot of minutes on the court together, and he’s been great.”
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Regardless of some impressive numbers and performances, the 2018-19 NBA campaign didn’t go entirely as planned for Hornets center Cody Zeller. Between a broken right hand and lingering left knee soreness that ultimately ended his season prematurely, the 26-year-old made just 49 appearances this year, a number that came in far short of his personal expectations. “It was really frustrating. Coming into the season, it was my goal to play 75 games and to be healthy,” said Zeller during his exit interview on April 11. “Even going into the offseason, it’s frustrating. I wish it was something that was skill-based like I have to get stronger, shoot better, be on the court. I have to stay healthy for next year. I’ll do whatever it takes and I’ll be back next year.”
Zeller said in mid-April that he’s been feeling better lately and doesn’t plan on having surgery at any point this offseason. The main plan of attack for he and the Hornets Medical Staff moving forward will be figuring out a path to staying healthy for a full season. “[My knee] is structurally fine,” he said. “There’s a little bit of wear and tear, but I’ve played basketball for 26 years. I think if you got a picture of every guy on our team and every guy in the NBA, there’d be wear and tear. The biggest issue is just the swelling, so hopefully we can address that. Hopefully, we’ll be past it and not have to worry about it again.”
Cody Zeller: Dirk Nowitzki was my favorite player growing up. I remember saying “I want to be like Dirk when I grow up!” For years I watched his patented fade away and I saw him lead the Mavericks to a championship. I never imagined that I would have the chance to meet him or guard him! Early in my rookie year, we played in Dallas and I was assigned the Dirk matchup. Part of me was nervous because I was finally going to meet my childhood hero and the other part of me was nervous because I had no chance of stopping him. I had seen so many guys before me unsuccessfully try to stop Dirk! One thing was for sure, I had the scouting report down! As the game started, I played him tough on every catch, didn’t let him have any easy buckets, and I tried to wear him out with my energy. At halftime he was 1-11 with 4 points! I came into the locker room thinking that I had this whole NBA thing mastered 15 games into my rookie year! I was the Dirk stopper! Then we went out for the second half….Dirk finished 10-21 with 25 points including 14 in a row down the stretch in the 4th quarter! Lesson learned! Thank you Dirk for being a great role model on and off the court for so many people including myself. It’s been a dream come true to share the court and a handful of personal interactions throughout my career. For me one thing hasn’t changed over the years, I still want to be like Dirk when I grow up!!!
Rod Boone: Cody Zeller putting up shots. He’s out for 11th straight game. He said Malik inspired him to go with the headband look. Asked James Borrego if they’re shutting Zeller down. “We’re not there yet,” he said. “… At some point we may have to make that call but we are not there yet.”

Sunday morning, Clifford said it seems pointless to try to have Zeller play with five games left and the team eliminated from playoff contention. “I would say we’re at the stage now where it almost becomes, ‘Why?’” ask him to play, Clifford said. “It’s so hard to not play for long stretches off the season. Why, with five games left, would we even play him? It makes more sense to me to let him get back to 100 percent and then just start again next (season).”
Rewind back to the 2013 NBA Draft, the top names at the time included Indiana’s Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller, Georgetown’s Otto Porter, Jr., Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel and Kansas’ Ben McLemore. All were considered the top names regardless of whose mock draft, scouting guide or TV report you listened to. UNLV’s Anthony Bennett was mentioned in the top 10, but few thought that Bennett was the top pick, right up until then NBA commission David Stern announced him. It was an unexpected blessing, that in hindsight has become an unbelievable curse for a player that genuinely has NBA ability and just now shaking the emotional weight of failing at such a high level.
Aside from Cousins and DeAndre Jordan, two established All-Stars, Nurkić projected as one of 2018’s top free-agent centers. However, if his production or impact waned there were plenty of cheaper comparison points: Plumlee re-signed with Denver for $41 million over three years, Kelly Olynyk inked a four-year, $50 million deal with Miami, and Cody Zeller signed a 4-year, $56 million early extension in Charlotte. “I feel like the Blazers are very happy with Jusuf and Jusuf is very happy there,” Tesch, the agent, told The Crossover by telephone this week. “We had some [extension] talks but we decided to play it out this year and engage in talks again in July. He has already proven that he can help the team. There is a fit for Jusuf in Portland and he’s looking to stay there long-term.”
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Zeller missed 29 games over the past two seasons. The Hornets’ record in the 20 games he missed in 2016-17 was 3-17. “I got banged up so much, playing so many minutes,” said Zeller, who has gained about 10 pounds in the off-season to 250. “A lot of times, I’m outsized by 40 or 50 pounds. I’m used to it — I can do it for games – but over four games in five nights or back-to-backs, my body starts to wear down.”
Hornets coach Steve Clifford wanted to experiment some with Monk playing the point at Orlando Summer League. Monk’s ankle sprain delayed that experiment, but the Hornets figure to explore that option in the preseason. As to Monk’s playmaking ability, he’s already made an impression on a veteran teammate in a handful of pre-camp workouts. “I didn’t know (his game) a whole lot when we drafted him, just highlights,” said Hornets center Cody Zeller. “These past few weeks have been really good (in demonstrating) his knack for the game, particularly offensively.”
Once, Zeller wrote a paper on an 18-hour flight to China with the Hornets before a preseason game in 2015. Once he had to turn in a video for a class while in Africa for a basketball camp. He couldn’t find a strong enough Wi-Fi signal to send the video in, so in that case he had to ask the professor for an extension. “All my professors were really cooperative the whole way,” Zeller said. “I think they knew I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on them.”
Cody Zeller: I have no illusions about the real impact that I — or any athlete — can have through making a few hospital visits or a donation … it’s truly the least any of us can do. The doctors and nurses and researchers are the ones who do the real work — and patients like Elizabeth and her family are the real fighters. What I saw in the hospital last week was a 13-year-old young woman who was standing tall in an adult world, a world that can be cruel. Elizabeth showed me that maturity and bravery aren’t exclusive to adults. Us grown ups — all of us — need to listen more. Kids may be smaller than us, but they’re stronger than we give them credit for. Take it from a Minion.
For the fourth consecutive season, Charlotte Hornets forward/center Cody Zeller is encouraging fans to help him and the team collect socks to help those in need within the Charlotte community. Presented by Hanes, Cody Zeller’s Sock Drive collects socks to be distributed to The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope Women and Children’s Shelter, an emergency shelter in Charlotte. As part of Cody Zeller’s Sock Drive, fans are encouraged to bring a new package of socks to any Hornets home game at Spectrum Center from Nov. 29-Dec. 23.
Before the possession that ended with the hit on Zeller, Howard appeared to get frustrated with him at the other end of the court when he got boxed out on a free throw. “It wasn’t like I tried to hit him in the face,” Howard said after the game, “but my job is to protect my house at all costs. I am making no apologies for it. I can’t do nothing but live with it.”
3 years ago via ESPN
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Asked if he thought the foul was flagrant, Howard responded, “It’s basketball.” Zeller said after the game he didn’t think Howard’s elbow to the face was a dirty play. “I have taken a lot of hard hits with two older brothers,” Zeller said. “I knew it was going to be a physical game. But it was a huge play in the game because they couldn’t go to him late in the game and we went on a run.”
3 years ago via ESPN
General manager Rich Cho called Zeller a high character guy who plays both ends of the floor, and said he considers him a “big part” of the team’s core group moving forward. “We felt it was important to get him locked up to an extension rather than have him be a restricted free agent next summer,” Cho said. “With the cap next summer along with Cody’s value around the league as a young, versatile athletic big we felt he would have been a target for a number of teams.”
Charlotte Hornets General Manager Rich Cho announced today that the team has signed forward/center Cody Zeller to a multi-year contract extension. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed. “Maintaining and building our young core of players has been a key goal for us the last few years,” Cho said. “We’re excited that Cody will be part of the Hornets organization for years to come. Cody is a hard worker, a team-first player and a versatile talent that was a large part of our success last year. He has improved in each of his three seasons in the NBA. We look forward to a bright future with Cody as a part of the roster that we are continuing to build.”