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Corey Brewer
Corey Brewer
Position: -
Born: 03/05/86
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Earnings: $54,175,934 ($59,927,096*)
Corey Brewer: “So for us, it was like ‘alright, they’re disrespecting us. And you gotta realize, we had a lot of great players on that team. We had Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, DeShawn Stevenson, Brandon Haywood. We had Tyson Chandler, the big anchor back there. We had a good team, so we felt disrespected and I think that’s what we took into the Finals. If you’re going to disrespect us, we’re going to show you that we’re not to be disrespected.”
Brewer said that those antics from James and Wade helped give the Mavericks — and Nowitzki specifically — some added motivation. “Oh for sure [Dirk] took it personally,” Brewer said. “… Everybody did. We saw it, everybody saw it. They were making fun of the big guy. You can’t make fun of the big guy. If you make fun of the big guy you’re making fun of everybody, and I guess that’s kind of the way we went out there and played. We played some great basketball in that series.”
The New Orleans Pelicans announced today the hiring of Bob Beyer, Casey Hill, and Rex Walters as assistant coaches, along with Corey Brewer and Beno Udrih as player development coaches. They join Assistant Coach Fred Vinson and Teresa Weatherspoon, who has been promoted to assistant coach, and Player Development Coach Darnell Lazare on Head Coach Stan Van Gundy’s staff. Per team policy, terms of the deals were not disclosed.
“I am excited about our coaching staff,” said Van Gundy. “We have a great mix of background, experience, perspective and expertise. Four of our assistants have been head coaches at the professional or NCAA Division I levels. Five of our coaches played in the NBA or WNBA. Three coaches have institutional knowledge having worked for Griff, Trajan and current Pelicans players, while three others have worked with me and two bring us an entirely new perspective. I am looking forward to working with this staff to maximize the potential of our talented players.”
Corey Brewer: What is it like to guard these superstars? Here’s a player-by-player breakdown. Today, we’ll focus on the active NBA players I’ve matched up against, then I’ll look at the retired legends I’ve guarded in part two: LeBron James – Man, LeBron is a difficult guard just because he’s so smart. He does everything well. I always wanted him to take jump shots. If LeBron’s shooting jumpers on me, I’m actually happy because he’s unstoppable — really unstoppable — when he drives. He’s bailing me out if he’s taking the jump shot. It’s not that he can’t shoot. He can shoot; he’s improved his jumper. But I want him shooting the jump shot 100 percent of the time because when he drives to the rim, he’s scoring every single time or he’s gonna make a play for somebody else because his vision is amazing.