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Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard
Position: G
Born: 07/15/90
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Salary: $29,802,321
“I wouldn’t even say it was somebody offering me to go to another team,” Lillard said. “It was just something that was constantly being mentioned to me, like ‘You should do this, you should go here.’ And I just said, ‘That’s not what I wish to do.’ Where I was drafted, I live there comfortably, my family is comfortable, it’s a great organization. … The grass ain’t always greener. For me, I feel like we can build something and get it done in Portland. And I really believe that. I don’t just say it to say it.”
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“I think that was my cousin. Rest in peace, Chef B,” Lillard said. “I think that was him dropping that in for me.” Lillard revealed during his postgame press conference that his cousin, Brandon, died when he was quarantined in Portland after the NBA suspended the season in mid-March because of the coronavirus outbreak. He had planned to stop by Lillard’s house to make breakfast, but he passed out. Once Lillard arrived at his cousin’s place, he had already died.
That pain has stayed with Lillard amid his quest to help the Blazers appear in the postseason for a seventh consecutive career, as well as clap back at opponents and media members that have not accepted he has become the NBA’s best player during the restarted season. “It was tough,” LIllard said. “I just try to continue what I feel like he would want me to do, and I just been dealing with it that way. Just try to continue on the path I know he was proud of.”
Lillard credited his cousin significantly for ensuring he would play at his best. As Lillard’s personal chef, Brandon would constantly remind him, “you got to eat healthy food.” So Brandon would remind Lillard to eat breakfast and stay hydrated. He would bring enough water to his room. He would help Lillard train during the summer. No wonder Lillard called Brandon his “right-hand man.” “He was the one person I was with every day,” Lillard said. “He was encouraging me.”
Raja Bell, who played in the NBA from 1999-2013 and squared off against Kobe Bryant countless times, spoke about the Lillard-Bryant comparison on the latest episode of ‘The Ringer NBA Show’ They both have that ‘killer’ mentality.“I feel like Dame is the closest thing to Kobe that there is in the game. I don’t mean that from the standpoint of the way they look doing it, I’m talking about mentality, where it is always in assassin mode type of thing with them. Their always kind of creating a chip. There is just always something to prove and you feel that when you watch them play, there is the respect that they feel like they have earned and they are not given and the greats have to do that, right? That’s what keeps you on point and keeps you questing for the next thing. He is, for me, a problem. If I had to guard him, I don’t even know really where I would start. The range is what it is and he is shifty and he is sneaky athletic.

Paul George, Damian Lillard clear the air

Before things got any worse, Paul George wanted to make sure things didn’t escalate any further. According to Chris Haynes, that’s exactly what George did. “George recently reached out to Damian Lillard to clear the air,” Haynes said. “Explaining that he had no beef, and clarifying that it was just competitive banter on his part.” Despite how upset Lillard seemed at the Clippers, he was willing to hear George out. “Lillard apologized remarks made by one of his family members, but stated why he said what he said after that loss to the Clippers,” Haynes said.
Lillard’s confidence and appreciation for McCollum playing through pain when the Blazers need him as they make their final playoff push is yet another layer of the duo’s special relationship. He’s a little bit banged up. He’s making no excuses or looking for no way out. He’s thuggin’ it out for the team and being out there for us, and fortunate for us, him doing that meant he was out there for those last free throws and came through for us. — Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard on CJ McCollum

Anthony was the Blazers’ second-highest scorer (20 points) and moved from 17th to 15th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list — passing John Havlicek and Paul Pierce — with 26,111 career points. When this season began, Anthony was out of basketball.”It’s an honor and I’m blessed to still be able to do it,” he said. Anthony also defended Richardson on the Sixers’ final possession, and the two banged knees after the shot. Anthony was hobbling during the Blazers’ celebration but said he’ll be OK. 18. Anthony also said he spent all day Saturday with Lillard after his late-game failure (it was a day game). Lillard, meanwhile, said he was “irritated with himself,” until he spoke on the phone with a friend who told him, “This happened for a reason.” There were a few texts, and discussion with his fiance, and apparently Melo, and then … well, this. He’d already taken 22 shots by the start of the fourth quarter on Sunday.
“Definitely, coming into tonight after yesterday, I knew how important it was to win the game,” Lillard said. “It wasn’t really so much my performance yesterday, and I wanted to perform a certain way today. It was like we let one slip that we should have had yesterday, and I’m a big part of why it got away from us. So tonight it’s like, that’s not gonna happen. … I did tell myself, coming into the game, ‘I’m comin’ out off the rip. As soon as the ball gets tossed into the air I’m attacking.’ And that was that.”
Ben Golliver: Blazers’ Jusuf Nurkic on Damian Lillard, w/ a callback to Paul George & the 2019 playoffs: “He’s just taking bad shots, right? Simple as that. Luckily for us he makes most of them.”

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“Motherfuckers talkin’ shit. They’re still hurtin’, that’s why,” Lillard said as he exited the interview room. He said it more diplomatically during his Zoom press conference, referring to George and the Thunder, and also a game-winner Lillard hit in 2014 against the Rockets, when Beverley played for Houston, which sent Portland to the second round and Beverley’s team home for the summer.
Storyline: Lillard-George Beef