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Dana Barros
Dana Barros
Position: -
Born: 04/13/67
Height: 5-11 / 1.80
Weight:164 lbs. / 74.8 kg.
Earnings: $25,587,500 ($41,285,982*)
Q: Probably your most successful NBA season came in 2011-12 in ­Chicago when Tom Thibodeau was the coach there. What clicked between the two of you? John Lucas III: He knows my game. He had me when I was a rookie with the ­Rockets, and they sent me down to the D-League. He said to me, “Who do you think you are as a player?” And I said, “Allen Iverson.” He was my favorite player. I was a scoring guard. And he was like, “No, you’re not Allen Iverson. You’re Dana Barros.”
Korver set the mark from Nov. 4, 2012 through March 2, 2014. He shattered the previous record of 89 straight games with a 3-pointer held by Dana Barros. Korver is currently ninth all-time in NBA/ABA history with 1,826 3-pointers. He already has jumped Joe Johnson and Rashard Lewis this season and is four away from tying Chauncey Billups (1,830) for eighth place. Ray Lewis is the all-time leader by a wide margin with 2,973 3-pointers.
Korver, who passed Dana Barros’ record of 89 straight (set from 1994-96) earlier this season, went 1 of 9 from the field and missed all five of his attempts from long range, sitting out the fourth quarter. Since Nov. 4, 2012, when his streak started, Korver had knocked down 337 three-pointers. “I’m a little bummed for sure,” Korver said. “The streak was good, it was good while it lasted. Some day I’ll look on it and be proud, but obviously it was just a tough game all around for us and that was part of it.”
When did you find about the Dana Barros record and that you were on course to possibly beating it? Kyle Korver: I didn’t even know that this was a record for a long period of time. I think the Hawks’ record was like in the 40s or something. I found about that and then I kind of heard about the rest of the list. I heard Barros’ number was 89, so I said ‘Wow, that’s a really incredible number, I don’t think there’s any chance I’ll ever get to that.’ But I tried not to think about it too much. I took each game as its own game. My job is to go out there and knock down shots. I was just trying to do that well. Have you spoken with Dana? Kyle Korver: I have not, I’ve never met him. You would think, in the social media day that we have today, that there would be some kind of connection but I’ve never spoken to him.