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D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell
Position: G
Born: 02/23/96
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:193 lbs. / 87.5 kg.
Salary: $30,013,500
Those skeptics didn’t hear Russell badger Lou Williams for scoring tricks or ask Metta World Peace how to handle public scrutiny. The teenager often hung out with one of Bryant’s private security guards on the road too. One night in Houston, Bryant returned back to his room after meeting with Tim Cook in the hotel lobby. “Guys go out and party in every city,” the Hall of Famer told Russell. “I’m meeting with the CEO of Apple. Think about what you want to do when you’re done playing and work on it now, so when the basketball’s done for you, you’ve already built a brand.” Russell admits he failed to grasp many of Bryant’s teachings then. “Everything he said to me comes back around all the time,” Russell says. “He used to say this, he used to say that, drop the jewels here.” They’d break down specific play sets and how to read various defenses. Russell was young, but he had veterans to check his swagger.
The 2019 NBA All-Star said he sees himself in some of these campers, who are eager to learn. “I was just a sponge. I asked them a hundred questions. Even when they were done talking, I was a little kid running up and trying to get another question out of them, or just try to get something that I could take with me,” Russell said. “You could see those kids out of the group. A bunch of kids that want more or want to learn more from whatever I’m offering. Those are the ones that, kind of, you see them in a few years and they develop a little more faster.”
In Minnesota, while the Wolves would certainly need Simmons to shoot more than zero times in the fourth quarter, they wouldn’t need him to be a No. 2 option on offense. Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell (the Timberwolves view Russell as a part of the core and want to keep it that way, sources said) give coach Chris Finch three accomplished offensive players to get buckets down the stretch.

Timberwolves in the mix for Ben Simmons?

The Timberwolves are a team that’s in the mix for Ben Simmons. They’ve wanted an upgrade at the power forward position dating back to the trade deadline last year when they were in the mix for Aaron Gordon. Simmons and D’Angelo Russell played together at Montverde Academy, where they won back-to-back championships. If they ended up playing together, it would be an interesting pairing.
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