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Darius Miles
Darius Miles
Position: -
Born: 10/09/81
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Earnings: $61,999,973 ($80,181,154*)
Kevin Durant and his manager Rich Kleiman have produced some interesting content through their company Thirty Five Ventures, from ESPN+ show The Boardroom to documentaries like Basketball County and Q Ball. And Durant has been a frequent guest on other podcasts, from The Bill Simmons Podcast to Pull Up With CJ McCollum to Knuckleheads (with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles) to Play For Keeps. Now, Durant and Kleiman are starting their own podcast network, and they’re teaming up with established podcasting company Cadence13 (now owned by radio conglomerate Entercom) for that. Here’s more from a Cadence13 release:
Paul George explained why he left the Indiana Pacers in a Knuckleheads podcast with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. George suggests the best power forward in the NBA in 2017 wanted to join the Pacers to play with George. “I ain’t gon’ say the names, because I’m going to keep their business private, I’ma just say it like this,” said George. “I had at the time, the best power forward saying he wanted to come to Indy and team up with me. “They’re like, ‘we’re a mid-major, we’re a small market, like, we can’t do it, we’re a small market, we can’t afford that.’ I’m like the best power forward wants to come play here, like, y’all can’t make that work? They didn’t want to do it.”
1 year ago via RealGM
George was disappointed that the Pacers didn’t want to make the move that he thought would improve their team. “So I’m like, now I’m pissed, because it’s like, what am I doing here? You know what I mean? They don’t want to win. I’ve got the best power forward that wants to come play here. Not everybody chooses Indy to come play here.”
1 year ago via RealGM
In 2002, Elton Brand, Lamar Odom and Darius Miles graced SLAM 57 wearing each other’s jerseys backward to represent an era that was the epitome of fashion. Brand posed with a fitted; L.O. rocked a Sean John headband; and D-Miles wore the untied red durag with the white headband. Nearly two decades later, Beverley, Harrell and Williams are posing in a similar manner, paying homage to the aforementioned cover. “They represented a culture back when they played with the Clippers,” Beverley, who’s spent the last three years with the team, says. “We reinvented something and added our own little swag to it.”
2 years ago via SLAM
Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant recalled what Charlotte Hornets general manager Bob Bass told him when the organization made the decision to trade him to the Lakers on draft day. While brief and inconsequential, Bass’ words had a profound effect on Bryant, which stuck with him for the rest of his 20-year career. “We couldn’t have used you anyway,” Bass told a then-17-year-old Bryant on the phone while the terms of the trade were being finalized. “I was triggered,” Bryant admitted to his fellow former NBA players Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles during the Knuckleheads podcast. “I was ready to go to the gym.”