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Darius Miles
Darius Miles
Position: -
Born: 10/09/81
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Earnings: $61,999,973 ($92,159,949*)
Darius Miles on Michael Olowokandi: When he was playing with us, he was putting it together just like all of us. All of us had some type of talent in us to do a lot of things. Everybody had their own niche. That’s why it worked so much. We pushed each other, and we rooted for each other just as hard. With him, he was just trying to put it together. He was the No. 1 pick. He tried his best to be as good as he could be, and he was a good teammate.
Quentin Richardson: Like you said about going out, we got rejected. Me and D Miles got rejected at clubs on the regular until we got out there and started to hang out with Lamar, and we met the right people. We found out the places that were going to look out for us and they just didn’t care at certain places. We’d go where we knew we could get in. Prior to that, we were sitting out there like lames plenty of times like, “damn.” “Nah. Ya’ll can’t get in here young fellas.” I used to always say it was Miles fault. I was the 18th pick. He was the face. Everybody recognized him like, “Man, you the little high school boy.” It was over with right there. He was the name, the number three pick, the highest high school pick at this point.
Darius Miles on whether kids should be able to go pro out of high school: Yeah, I think they definitely should let kids make that choice for themselves. The organizations just have to do their job if they want to take a chance on it. I feel like straight out of high school kids, the ones who’ve had good careers, we’ve had a lot of great ones on the track record. One of them is LeBron James.
B/R: Your relationship with Kobe Bryant is covered in the documentary, but did guys like Jermaine O’Neal and Tracy McGrady reach out to you when they were weighing their decisions? Garnett: Yeah, I tried to make myself available for those kids. I didn’t talk to J.O. or Tracy, but I did talk to Kob. Kob and I had a long conversation. I could tell that he had very similar visions for himself coming out of high school to what I had. I said to him, “You’ve got a father who played in the league. All the stuff you’re asking me, you can go ask your dad.” But he wanted to hear it from me. He wanted my perspective. We remained friends after that. But when it came to Tracy and those guys, they didn’t really reach out. Darius Miles was the one besides Kobe that I actually sat down with. I could see a lot of myself in him. He had already made up his mind of what he wanted to do and wanted some advice. We had similar paths. He was from East St. Louis, so we kind of messed on some Midwest-type ish. But he was a student. I saw a lot of myself.
When asked about his “Welcome to the NBA moment” in the Knuckleheads podcast with Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, the former Bulls center had this to say about (via the Knuckleheads, clip from u/whenmachinescry on Reddit): “It was a guy I haven’t even heard of, it was the Clippers… I had to guard Chris Kaman. I don’t even know who Chris Kaman is, this gon’ be easy… Left, right, on the block, it was crazy, he was talking s— too. I ain’t even heard of this guy and he’s getting buckets. I was like, ‘Tomorrow, Yao Ming, the night after that, Shaq.’ I’m like this s— doesn’t stop.”