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When Darrell Armstrong spotted Chris Paul in the NBA bubble a few days ago, Armstrong told the Thunder point guard his play this season was MVP finalist-worthy, before pivoting to something he found even more impressive: a recent photo of Paul wearing customized Alabama A&M Jordans. Armstrong, who enjoyed a 14-year NBA career and is now an assistant coach with the Dallas Mavericks, attended Fayetteville State University, one of just over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities still standing, and he had to let Paul know how grateful he was. “I told him I appreciate it,” Armstrong said. “We need support from…I don’t care who it is. We need support.”
Early Monday afternoon, Luka Doncic posted on Instagram a photo of his car stereo, digitally stamped, “Dallas, Texas.” Soon after, Doncic posted a video of himself in the Mavericks’ practice facility, along with assistant coaches Jamahl Mosley and Darrell Armstrong, further evidence that Doncic indeed has returned from his native Ljubljana, Slovenia.