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Darren Collison
Darren Collison
Position: G
Born: 08/23/87
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:160 lbs. / 72.6 kg.
Salary: $10,000,000
Point guard Darren Collison, in his first season back with the Pacers, spent the previous three seasons in Sacramento with the Kings. He said Clark’s shooting was a nationwide issue. “It’s the times that we’re living in,” said Collison. “You definitely don’t want to see these things for your kids growing up. You just hope that, as basketball players, you can create a platform to distract from what’s really going on in this world. It’s disheartening.”
Collison says the protesters are seeking a voice. “They want answers,” said Collison. “They want to be able to make change. They want to be able to not let this happen again. You can sympathize with why they’re trying to do it. “The game is one thing, but the outside matter, and what they’re protesting for, it’s important. That’s a real-life situation that you just can’t overlook.”