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David Lee
David Lee
Position: None
Born: 04/29/83
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:249 lbs. / 113 kg.
David Lee will leave for the French Open in 10 days. He hopes before heading to Paris with fiancée Caroline Wozniacki that Mark Jackson is named the Knicks head coach. The ex-Knicks/ex-Warriors power forward played for Jackson in Golden State for all three of Jackson’s seasons. “He has a very smart perspective looking at the game,’’ Lee told The Post in a phone interview. “Especially dealing with what you want in New York, you need somebody to understand the landscape. “Coaching and playing in New York is different than any city. You see it in baseball — superstars play for the Yankees either thrive or shy away from the situation. Mark understands the difference in New York basketball. He’s from there. He understands the politics, the fans, things involved unique to the Knicks. That’s an advantage he has.’’
A fired Atlanta Hawks employee is suing the organization, alleging it discriminated against white employees and terminated her when she complained. In a lawsuit filed Friday, Margo Kline says Hawks external affairs director David Lee, who is black, promoted a culture of discrimination against white people, especially white women. Kline, who is white, worked in the NBA team’s corporate social responsibility department as a community development coordinator for five years.
Kline alleges that Lee was dismissive and exclusionary toward white employees and would often make jokes about “white culture,” hiring and promoting black employees — who Kline said were less qualified — over white people, according to the lawsuit. Kline said the organization ignored her complaints and instead unfairly scrutinized her work and impeded her ability to do her job, often gossiping and ridiculing her. The lawsuit also alleges white coworkers were told not to speak with Kline or they could lose their job.
Coaching the Jaspers that day as the mid-major team of little-known players upset No. 5 seed Florida, coached by Billy Donovan and led by David Lee, was Bobby Gonzalez, who not long after that win would take over as the coach of Seton Hall. Now, he will sit in front of the television like most of us and watch from game to game, eyeing Cinderella hopefuls and highly regarded powerhouse programs. But unlike most of us, he can’t help but think that he could be – should be – roaming the sidelines again.
He knew he made the right decision when he sat down to watch the Boston Celtics play the Cleveland Cavaliers in their season opener. Gordon Hayward sustained a dislocated left ankle and tibia fracture, and Lee remembered sitting on the couch feeling incredibly grateful that he was now just a fan. “I’m completely at peace with it,” Lee said. “I’m really happy that I got to go out on my terms.”
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In 2010 he said a reporter approached him and earnestly asked why he wanted to join the Warriors. He replied that he saw a lot of potential in the team. The Warriors went on to overtake the NBA, most recently appearing in three straight NBA Finals and winning championships in 2015 and 2017. “My biggest thing is I’m just happy to be a small part of it,” Lee said. “I don’t really care what part of it people think I was. But I was one of the first people here. And just the fact that I was able to win a championship and be a part of something so special. It’s continued on from there. And they’ve done it with an incredible group of people with great character and great team chemistry and obviously great ownership and coaching.”