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David West
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Born: 08/29/80
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:239 lbs. / 108.4 kg.
“We dealt with some things internally. When you guys find out about that (stuff), y’all are going to trip. I’m serious. Y’all are going to trip.” Well, the media did “trip” somewhat because it’s not every day you hear a player say something like that. Back in mid-June, Kevon Looney was asked about West’s comments, and he laughed. “D-West always likes to mess with the media,” Looney declared.
On Wednesday, Mike Brown was a guest on The Full 48 Podcast with Howard Beck and took it one step further. “There’s no deep, dark secret,” the Warriors assistant coach said. “We had our ups and downs throughout the course of the year, just like any other team. We were able to get through them. “Steve (Kerr) asked David or talked to David about it, and David was like, ‘I was joking (laughter). I just wanted to stir the pot a little bit.’ And he sure enough did. There’s nothing to it.”
West was interviewed after the parade by NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke. He was asked about his cryptic post-Finals quote where he said some of the adversity behind the scenes would’ve blown our minds this season. He walked it back a little, saying it was more a critique of the idea that everything was easy for them. “It wasn’t so much a thing,” West said. “I was hearing this narrative that this wasn’t a difficult year or somehow, because we have a great and talented group, then somehow we don’t experience ups and downs like other teams do. I think that’s a bit unfair. We handled some internal challenges. The strength of this group is that stuff didn’t come out.”
The Warriors no doubt battled complacency, repetitive Steph Curry injuries, a scary Patrick McCaw fall, a significant challenge by the Rockets and more, but nothing appeared abnormal. On Monday, Kerr and Myers said they didn’t know what West could’ve been talking about. “I don’t know if anything would really blow your mind,” Kerr said. “It was a difficult season and there were lots of moments where it became more difficult, but I didn’t think it was anything unusual given the state of our team and the length of this journey. Nothing, to me, was that shocking.”