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David West
David West
Position: -
Born: 08/29/80
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:239 lbs. / 108.4 kg.
Earnings: $93,047,916 ($105,329,041*)
But on that Nov. 12 night when his former Golden State Warriors teammates lost their way against the Clippers in Los Angeles, when Draymond Green didn’t pass to Kevin Durant at the end of regulation and they feuded on the floor for all to see, the 38-year-old West found himself wondering what might have been if he hadn’t hung those sneakers up back in late August. “I’m gonna be honest,” West told The Athletic by phone last month. “The only moment (where) I said, ‘Man, I wish I was there,’ was at that Clippers game. When Draymond turned the ball over at the end — and he was going to create the play; he was going to make the play, it just sometimes doesn’t happen — at that moment, when I saw the way he was walking, and I saw KD react, and it was like ‘Oh, I know if I was there that shit wouldn’t have happened.’ That’s the only moment where I felt like, ‘Man I could’ve stopped it.’”
David West: You know, there are challenges in every single NBA season. And again, there were some personality challenges, obviously just dealing with people’s egos. So we were dealing with some of the same stuff, probably, that they’re dealing with this year, just being targeted and getting everybody’s best shot. You’re playing — and you don’t say it publicly, but now I can since I’m out of the league — you’re playing meaningless games in November and December, and sometimes when you’re in those environments, in those situations, tempers get the best of you, emotions get the best of you. And we were dealing with that type of stuff.
Have you tried to actually play a part here as far as talking to Draymond or Kevin? David West: “We’ve talked. I’ve talked to Draymond. I’ve just tried to be a voice of reason in his ear. I think that’s always been the purpose I’ve served, just to be another voice on his shoulder. He’s a competitive dude, so he’s on edge. Obviously Draymond is going to state his case, and be who he is, and he has every right to do (that). But he knows how to focus, knows how to win, and he’ll get there. He came into the year banged up, and that’s obviously frustrating for guys when you can’t come in healthy. He knows how to do it. … Steve has invited me to practice. I’m going to make my way through there, probably before Christmas.”
The​ mystery of​ David​ West​ and​ his cryptic comments about the Golden​ State Warriors’​ latest​ championship began​ with​ an​​ innocent and irritating question from a reporter. … “Someone asked me, ‘Was this year easier than last year?’” the now retired big man remembered in a recent conversation with The Athletic. “And I’m like, ‘What do you mean? No NBA season is easy. What the hell kind of question is that? “People were making this assumption that things were just easy, that things were just rolling along and this was some grand, old fantasy or whatever. And that just wasn’t the case. You know, there are challenges in every single NBA season.”