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Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray
Position: G
Born: 09/19/96
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:170 lbs. / 77.1 kg.
Salary: $16,571,120

Dejounte Murray on Trae Young: 'We're both hoopers, we've been texting each day'

How do you see you and Trae Young complimenting each other in the backcourt? Dejounte Murray: We’re both hoopers. We’ve been texting each day, whether it’s about life, basketball, or taking care of our family and building that chemistry. He’s a hooper, and he’s really smart. He’s willing to do what it takes to win. He’s another All-Star and a guy who works hard. He wanted me as bad as I wanted to go over there to help. They already have a culture over there that they built. There’s a brotherhood. For me, it won’t be too hard to fit in. I work hard, and I can adapt to any environment I’m put in with my style of play and willingness to learn and work. It’s going to be a smooth transition. I think we’ll figure it out. We’re both smart, and we love the game. When you add those things together, you figure out ways to win. The main goal is to win, and that’s what we both want.

Dejounte Murray: 'I loved my time in San Antonio, I made my first All-Star Game there'

How was it for you to become an All-Star in San Antonio last season and transition to the move to Atlanta this offseason? Dejounte Murray: It really was a credit to my hard work and being a great person. Most importantly, it was my work ethic to work through everything and not let anything stop me, whether it was on or off the court, and stay focused. I loved my time in San Antonio, and I think that will always be remembered. I made my first All-Star Game in San Antonio. Now, I’m looking forward to being in Atlanta and being a part of a whole new culture and new city. I can’t wait to get out there and play with my teammates.
Murray’s reported response, captured in multiple screenshots and screen recordings posted by fans, is a reply to an anonymous Instagram user who left the following comment: “BYE fly little birdy….Good luck getting to the 2nd round at least we got the picks and we’re building around Keldon.” Murray, never one to shy away from social media, responded an hour later. “The Way That System Set Up You Gone Be Losing For The Next 15 Yrs!!! Problem Bigger Than Basketball,” his comment says.