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Dell Curry
Dell Curry
Position: -
Born: 06/25/64
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Earnings: $4,100,000 ($5,896,209*)
“We told Minnesota that Steph didn’t want to go there,” said Dell Curry in an interview with The Republic back in 2016. “We had no idea that they had agreed to a trade. Obviously, they couldn’t put that out. I remember (then-Suns general manager) Steve Kerr calling me (the next morning) and saying, ‘Don’t go to the press conference. We have a trade that they reneged on.’ I’m like, ‘That’s between you guys. We’re going wherever they tell us. We can’t not go.’”
The hope in the Curry camp was that he would fall to the New York Knicks at No. 8. As the draft went on, the only team in the way of that happening was the Warriors, whose head coach at the time, Don Nelson, loved the Davidson sharpshooter and wanted to take him at No. 7. As the Warriors’ pick approached, Nelson reached out to Steph’s father, Dell Curry, whose opinion was valued as a 16-year NBA vet, to ask his thoughts about Golden State drafting his son. Dell wasn’t having it. “Don’t,” Dell recalled telling Nelson. “You asked me the question, I’ll tell you the truth. Don’t [draft him].”
The Raptors surely did not expect Jones and Snow to have the shooting nights that they had. Still, they had a chance to win. Just inside of the final minute, Carter set up Curry for a 3-pointer to put the Raptors within one, and the 76ers missed two chances to extend their lead, although they did manage to eat 50 total seconds off the shot clock because of an offensive rebound. After McKie took the 76ers’ final non-shooting foul, the Raptors had two seconds to make a play. With Curry, guarded by Snow, inbounding, Peterson set a screen on McKie, who was on Carter. Carter then came around on a curl. As the 76ers were switching everything, Hill left Peterson to chase Carter. Snow: When (the shot) got up I was like, ‘How did he get the ball?’ I was thinking, ‘How did he get it, out of all people?’ I was guarding Dell Curry if I remember right. I was just like, ‘I’m not letting him get the ball.’ So I was thinking, ‘How did he get the ball? Why does he have the ball?’
Video of the joyous grin plastered over Dell Curry’s face as he held his grandson in his arms while Steph Curry warmed up was shown on the local news. Dell Curry was going gaga over Canon, turning into a big pile of goo around the latest member of the family, before sliding into his chair as the Hornets’ color analyst on the Fox Sports Southeast broadcasts. “It’s always special,” Steph Curry told The Athletic. “I never take it for granted, the fact that I’m able to play basketball at this level and have my dad still a part of the league. It’s still surreal, to be honest. I try to have as much fun with it as possible and enjoy a night like tonight, when my daughters have been to the game and hung out with my dad and kind of know a little bit about his career, and what he does. But to have my son out here tonight for the first time, three generations of Curry boys is pretty special. So me and my brother, my sister are a part of the league in some way shape or form is crazy.”
There’s nothing he wants more than to have Dell in the vicinity, allowing them to see each other much more often and hit the links whenever they can. But he’s not holding his breath, understanding his father’s ties to the city run deep. Prying him away and getting him to move 2,700-plus miles to the West is about as challenging as finding a Bay Area freeway that’s not jam-packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic. “Charlotte means so much to my family,” Curry said. “Yeah, I know it’s going to take a lot. He’s been almost 31 years, in terms of the legacy he created and how he’s still representing Charlotte behind the mic now. Yeah, I know he wants to do it as long as he can.”
Lou Williams said it best after becoming the NBA’s career leader in points off the bench. “Any time you can say of all time next to your name, it’s special,” he said. The 13-year guard scored 34 points to pass Dell Curry as the Los Angeles Clippers routed the Boston Celtics 140-115 on Monday night for their fifth straight win. Williams came into the game needing 28 points to pass Curry, who had 11,147 bench points. He surpassed Curry with 9:53 remaining in the fourth quarter with a driving layup.