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Dell Curry
Dell Curry
Position: -
Born: 06/25/64
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Earnings: $4,100,000 ($5,896,209*)
Curry, 30, acknowledged before the game how much his ascension on the list means to him as he passes each name. Once Friday’s action ended, he said he took the game ball with him and was hopeful he could get it signed by Reggie Miller and Ray Allen, the only two players currently in front of him on the list. “It’s just a special accomplishment,” Curry said. “In terms of two guys that I know are trendsetters in stretching the imagination of the 3-point game. Doing it for many, many, many years, and people that I looked up to as a young kid playing the game. Obviously with my dad [Dell Curry] sparked a love of shooting the basketball — to look up on the list and obviously I want to catch them and put together many more years at this pace. Just knowing those two guys are right in front of me, it’s a special moment, for sure. “Because I respect the game, I respect what guys have done before, and those two guys — those are guys I looked up to.”
2 weeks ago via ESPN
But Curry isn’t pondering his father’s heyday; he’s thinking about its end — a closing act that played out in NBA arenas in Milwaukee, Charlotte and Toronto, the final stops in Dell’s career. Dell’s 6-foot-4 frame once glided through the schedule; then, in his mid-to-late 30s, it betrayed him. Years prior, he hadn’t iced his joints unless something truly hurt; later, those joints hurt almost daily. His ankles. His knees. His back — oh, his back. The first time his back began to act up, Dell stepped onto the court before a game and felt tightness. Thirty minutes later, the veteran shooting guard couldn’t walk. … After games, he’d wrap his knees and ankles in ice and sit there for so long that his wife often complained that he’d be the last one to leave. Steph, first as a young boy, then as a teenager, saw it all from the locker room — how much work it took his father just to be able to play a game and how difficult it was to recover afterward. “I got to see Father Time take over,” Curry says now.
3 months ago via ESPN
The Charlotte Hornets today unveiled additional plans for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the inaugural 1988-89 Hornets season during the 2018-19 NBA campaign and announced a deal with Spectrum to serve as presenting partner of the season-long commemoration. Hornets legend Muggsy Bogues has joined the organization as a Hornets Ambassador, alongside current Hornets Ambassador and FOX Sports Southeast analyst Dell Curry. Curry and Bogues were both selected by the Hornets in the 1988 NBA Expansion Draft and remain the two longest-tenured players in franchise history with 701 games and 632 games played, respectively.