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Dell Curry
Dell Curry
Position: -
Born: 06/25/64
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Earnings: $19,296,000 ($36,418,363*)
Stephen Curry: We’re fortunate to have FaceTime when I’m on the road. My dad traveled a lot during his 16 years in the NBA, and I don’t know how my parents did it back in the day without technology. During the off-season, I have much more time with my kids, so I’m trying to do as many fun things as possible and do little things like showing up to their practices. Carpooling is an amazing time [chuckles]. The beauty of it is that you come to appreciate all the little things that seem kind of mundane or routine.
Stephen Curry: My parents created an environment where I learned early on how to respond to failure. I played on a 10-and-under AAU basketball when I was 9, so I was the youngest on the team. And there was a big moment in the national championship game where I missed a free throw to tie the game and the next one as well. So by missing those two free throws, we lost the game. My parents were very supportive of me during those moments. Even now, the emotions I experience when I think of that time are very tangible. And the power of that experience has helped me learn not to be afraid of failure.
In an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole on the latest episode of Dubs Talk, Dell Curry explained when he knew Steph was going to be an NBA All-Star. “Once he got through the first cycle of injuries, I definitely knew he could be an All-Star,” Dell told Poole. Dell said that the way Steph played the game, shot the ball, his focus on being a team player, and his willingness to keep progressing are what stood out to him.
Furthermore, Dell said that Steph’s 54-point outburst against the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden during the 2012-13 NBA season gave his son the confidence to know that he was capable of having those huge scoring nights. “To do it in Madison Square Garden, it was just surreal,” Dell recalled. “A handful of guys have scored 50-plus in that type of atmosphere … that’s a tough atmosphere to play in. I think that was an ‘I’ve arrived in the NBA’ moment,” Dell concluded.

Stephen Curry was rejected by Duke

At one point during their hour-long podcast conversation, Rex brought up Stephen’s recruitment and how he tried to help him land a spot on Duke’s roster as a walk-on. However, Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski and associate head coach Johnny Dawkins ultimately turned him down. “When Steph was in high school, he was going into his senior year and he wanted to go to an ACC school — he wanted to go to Duke,” Chapman said, and Dell agreed. “And I knew Johnny Dawkins a little better than you did at the time, because I was with [agent] David Falk and Johnny was also with David Falk. I remember you said, ‘Steph would like to go there!’ Johnny and Coach K won’t like that I’m telling this, but so what… I called Johnny one day and I said, ‘Look, Dell’s son, Stephen, he’s [good]…’ And he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, I know. Let me get back with you.’ “This was just to be a walk-on. This was just to be a walk-on! He got back with me the next day and he said, ‘We’re full up this year, maybe next year though.’ So, Stephen signed with Davidson.”