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Delon Wright
Delon Wright
Position: G
Born: 04/26/92
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:181 lbs. / 82.1 kg.
Salary: $8,526,316
Delon Wright knows he will not have the ball as much when Fox and Haliburton are available, but those final eight games showed him how he has to play for Sacramento next season. “As far as my mindset, I have to come in being as aggressive as I was (while they were out), that’s my thought process,” Wright told The Athletic. “I know there will be less opportunities with both of them playing, but when I’m in with them I can’t defer. I still have to pick my spots and when it’s their time have the ball, give them the ball. But I can’t come in just deferring to them right away. I have to stay aggressive because that makes me better and the team better when I’m doing that, being aggressive all around.”
But doing that will require Wright to remember he can’t look to blend in on offense. Players doing that stand around and wait for Fox or Haliburton to make a play, rather than being aggressive. “That’s what I’ve had a problem with in my career,” Wright said. “If I’m in with certain guys and I’ll kind of defer and just play the off ball role. But I have to still get the ball and sometimes let them play off the ball because that helps me be aggressive. And I’m a pass-first (guard) so I’m not just going to go shoot the ball, I’m going to get them the ball too, whoever I’m playing with.”