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Delonte West
Delonte West
Position: -
Born: 07/26/83
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:183 lbs. / 83 kg.
Earnings: $16,463,022 ($20,968,032*)
Delonte West was training with the goal of making the BIG 3, participating in a try-out in Washington D.C. earlier this month (DW was invited to an upcoming workout). Now, West is speaking out … saying he’s hyped to return to the court. “It’s important really to be honest about how you feel physically and what you’re capable to do,” West said in the new video. “I lost some weight so I actually feel a little more athletic. I can jump a little higher now.”
West’s manager, Donovan Fordham, tells us the former 34th overall pick (2004 NBA Draft) has been working nonstop, on and off the court. “He’s constantly working on mental health,” Fordham tells us on Monday, “he’s really fighting.” There’s more. We’re also told West and Fordham are working with 214 Films to create a documentary about Delonte’s life.
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Michael Beasley: 'Do I have to be in Delonte West's shoes to get help?'

“Do I have to be in Delonte West’s shoes to get help?” said Beasley. “No disrespect to Delonte West or people in his position. But, what does it take to do the right thing? My whole life I asked for help. People called me crazy. “I don’t leave the house. I play basketball, and I go home. I don’t care what y’all do no more. I try to talk to my kids as much as I can. I’ve reached out so much, so many times to different people and it’s just, I have to die with some kind of dignity.”

Delonte West training to play in Big3 league

Delonte West is back on the basketball court … and TMZ Sports has learned the ex-NBA star is training for a chance at playing in Ice Cube’s BIG3 league!! Sources tell us the 38-year-old has been training at the Pat The Roc Basketball Academy in Gaithersburg, Maryland every single day for the past month … in hopes of making a huge comeback.
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