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The NBA announced on Wednesday that Dejounte Murray was named to the 2017-18 NBA All-Defensive Second Team. Murray was the only player in the NBA under 6-6 to record at least 400 rebounds, 90 steals and 30 blocks this season. A second-year guard, Murray earned his first career selection, which makes him the third guard and ninth player in Spurs history to be named to an All-Defensive Team, joining George Johnson, Alvin Robertson, David Robinson, Dennis Rodman, Tim Duncan, Bruce Bowen, Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. He averaged 5.7 rebounds, 1.20 steals and 0.38 blocks to go along with 8.1 points and 2.9 assists in 21.5 minutes.
11 hours ago via ESPN
JLEIII: Who guards Durant? Rick Mahorn: On that team? C’mon. You put Dennis Rodman, you put “The Worm” on him, you put me on him. You know what’s funny? A lot of people don’t realize that we were multi-talented enough to switch. … The only one that couldn’t move his feet was (Bill) Laimbeer, but we knew that. The thing is, I had to check guys like Doctor J and Barkley, James Worthy one night, and then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This is what I can do because I had quick feet. As a player, you have to understand the whole game. It’s not like you’re limiting yourself, like, “Oh, he can only do this.” Can I shoot from outside? I didn’t have to. That wasn’t my job.
Rodman: So Phil comes over to me and says, “Hey, Dennis, can you do me a favor?” I say, “What is that?” He says, “Can you go over there and say you’re sorry to Scottie?” I was, like, “What? Say what? I’m sorry to Scottie?” Phil said, “You know, just go over there and soften him up a little bit, you know because of what happened in ’91. You pushed him in the stands.” I said, “You fucking gotta be kidding me, right? This is a fucking game.” He said, “Just do it for me.” So I go up to Scottie and I say, “Hey man, I’m sorry about what happened.” He said, “Don’t worry about it, man. We just want to win.” And that’s how the deal got done.
DeFalco: You guys really did help make them and make Michael. Rodman: We didn’t know how to handle Chicago in 1991. Because it was so fast. Scottie got his game on. Horace [Grant] had his game on. And Michael always had his game on. But we didn’t know how to handle the scheme they were doing in 1991. So basically we were so frustrated the first two or three games, what’d we have left but to beat them up? And when that didn’t work we did the old okie doke. We didn’t want to shake your hands. Screw you. DeFalco: Do you regret that? Rodman: Well, not really.