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What would it take to be fully retired though? I mean, to put in your paperwork with the NBA. Nick Young: This is pretty much like my last year, if nothing happened. I’m just going to call it, it’s over. No more Swaggy P. I know you and I talked about this last summer: your legacy. If this is indeed it for you and we don’t see you on an NBA court again, what do you think your legacy is or what do you want your legacy to be as an NBA player? Nick Young: I’m a champion now. I’m just all around cool guy that played basketball. Kind of a Dennis Rodman, I think changed the way people dress for the tunnel now. Everybody want to get dressed up and I post pictures on Instagram, and be outgoing. I think that I had a major effect with that. I see people and it’s like damn, that had something to do with me.
Dennis Rodman: @NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, I know a thing or two about diplomacy between other countries. Book me a flight to Shanghai with you! #AmbassadorRodman #Peacemaker #BasketballDiplomacy

Less than two years after crashing the wedding of a couple he barely knew, Rodman stood behind another mike and addressed a much larger audience. Eyes cast downward, he read from a list of influential figures in his life, part of a teary-eyed Hall of Fame speech in August 2011. At one point Rodman looked up and gestured toward a woman in a silver sequin dress, seated on the aisle alongside a younger man in sunglasses, two rows in front of NBA commissioner David Stern. “Peggy King, Elkin King—these guys, the family—they’re taking care of me these days,” Rodman said. “Thank you, Peggy.”
Here was another milestone for an A-list athlete, and again Peggy was cast in a key role. She had been hard to miss that entire week, from the moment she arrived in the lobby of the Sheraton Springfield (Mass.), filling two bellhop carts with her Louis Vuitton luggage. When the Worm worked the red carpet, she was beside him. When he walked to the stage for his speech, he stopped to hug and kiss just one person. Peggy. “That tells you everything you need to know,” says AJ Bright, who was Rodman’s personal assistant when Rodman and Peggy met through a mutual friend in the mid-2000s. But indulge here a few more examples. Like the time her then husband found Rodman microwaving leftovers in Peggy’s kitchen at 7 a.m., fresh off an all-night bender, because he knew the backdoor security code. Or the time Rodman visited North Korea, in ’13, becoming one of the first Americans to meet with Kim Jong-un. Not only did Elkin King sit right behind the Supreme Leader during an exhibition game in Pyongyang, but state media also later captured Elkin eating across from the dictator at a private dinner.