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Jonathan Majors to play Dennis Rodman in '48 hours in Vegas' film

Jonathan Majors stars as the film’s antagonist, Damian Anderson, in Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut. In the coming months, he will also familiarize himself with a story that Michael J. Jordan knows all too well. Majors is slated to portray Dennis Rodman in an upcoming film “48 Hours in Vegas.” The story is inspired by Rodman’s impromptu vacation to Las Vegas in January 1998 when he played for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan, his teammate at the time, recalled the incident in Episode 3 of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries. “I’m looking at [head coach] Phil [Jackson], ‘You ain’t gonna get that dude back in 48 hours. I don’t care what you say. He’s done.’ He leaves that room, goes straight to the airport, boom! We don’t hear or see Dennis for 48 hours,” Jordan said.
Jordan scored 27 points in the game against Olympiacos, but Pippen and Rodman were both out, as were a slew of other Bulls. Still, the fan response in Paris proved the Bulls had conquered not just Chicago, but the adoration of fans from around the globe. “It was fantastic. It was so much fun,” said Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who played for the Bulls in 1997-98 and scored 10 points in the game against Olympiacos. “I think we were hit pretty hard with injuries. It was Michael and a bunch of scrubs. “To go to Paris at the height of the Bulls heyday was pretty fun.”
Lionsgate’s highly-anticipated film centered on Dennis Rodman’s 48 hours in Vegas during the 1998 NBA finals may have zeroed in on the actor who will portray the infamous basketball star. Sources tell deadline, that Jonathan Majors is in early talks to play Rodman aka “the Worm” in 48 Hours in Vegas. While a deal isn’t closed, sources say Majors is very much on board and negotiations are headed in the right direction. Lionsgate won the rights to the spec in a highly competitive auction last August with Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Aditya Sood producing the film. Ari Lubet, Will Allegra and Rodman will executive produce. The screenplay will be written by Jordan VanDina.