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Almost every player on the Chicago Bulls championship squad has a Rodman story, and Toni Kukoč is no different. “They’ve been teammates for three seasons with the Bulls, and in one of his older interviews, Kukoc talked about partying with Rodman during that time and how he wasn’t prepared for everything he had in store for them that night. It’s a special type of story, and I couldn’t keep up with him. I partied only once with him because, after that, you need a 7 to 10 days recovery period afterward.” Toni Kukoc, via Svlacionica.
Rodman played big both on and off the court, and if you were in his company, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great time. Kukoc remembers that even though there were only four of them in the bar, Rodman ordered drinks for 20 people just so that the bar doesn’t close, and people there have a good time. Everybody who was at that bar had everything free the courtesy of Dennis. “There were four of us out, and the first thing he ordered for a drink was 40 shots of vodka and ten beers. I asked him if there are more people coming, and he just said it’s important to keep the bar open. Everybody who was at the bar that night, he had free food and drinks on Rodman.” – Toni Kukoc, via Svlacionica.
Philander Rodman Jr., the father of Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, died of prostate cancer Tuesday in the Philippines. He was 79. Jasmine Rodman, Philander’s granddaughter, confirmed the news on her Facebook page. Philander, who reportedly fathered 29 children to 16 women, was estranged from Dennis for most of his life. The two reconciled in 2012 when Dennis made a trip to the Philippines.